Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why do you work?

This is very sad and hard ....
I've always considered where God would have me work. January 2006 I had the privilege of being hired at Archiver's Boise. This is a scrapbooking store of excellence magnitude. Eye candy for the paper crafter ... if you know what I mean. Our jobs aren't just jobs you know .... we are put there for purposefulness. I can't begin to tell you about "glories" I've been apart of and just incredible encounters with people. I received word today, that a beloved little girl, 9 years old, that would come in to crop and craft ~ she even had her girly birthday party at the store!!..... has lost her battle with brain cancer. I can't form the words within my heart. Pray for this family.

Please visit the Notice for Brianna Paige Flanders.

Even if you just offer a smile, a hug, a "can I help you" attitude .... lives are touched and changed, even at work.


Jann said...

Thanks you so much for the link. Brin called me today with the news of little Bri.
Her parents will certainly be in my heart.
Thank you again,

Kim Ross said...

I agree, Michelle, she'll be missed. And you really do touch people's lives in our line of work. I know Bri enjoyed her times @ A's... and MADE some wonderful memories there in addition to preserving them. :)