Wednesday, September 30, 2009

all in ONE day ....

it truly got a LOT cooler around here (25 degrees cooler!) and look what they got done in ONE DAY. Foam insulation ~ STAR R .... yipppeeeee ..... stucco is not far off!
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Life is busy .. when YOU think it can't get any busier ~ it does! And life is NOT neat and orderly either!! It can get a bit chaotic and messy ~~~~ however, that's why we have GIRLFRIENDS ~ to do LIFE with. Sometimes you can come alongside and help, sometimes just come alongside of, other times hold another up ... and other times just to B R E A T H E and enjoy what we have ~ today and each other. I love love love sunsets NO MATTER where I am; but the ocean sunsets seem to more like masterpieces to me ... and then there's FISH ~~ don't eat frozen fish .. it just doesn't taste right. BTW, happy last day O'September!! love, m
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Driver's License .... CA style

Well, I've done it ... I've managed to get driver's license (sucessfully) from coast to coast!! and every state is different, very different. And now I wait for the DMV to mail me my license ... I hate those mug O' shots .. I think the cameras are set on UGLY setting. Anyways, another license for me and another state! I do have to mention the weather ... it IS cooler and will be all week ~ YEA! ~ under 90 degrees to boot. I am doing my celebratory happy dance. have a great day, xoxo M

Monday, September 28, 2009

cooler weather cometh!!


It is a LOT cooler .. and everyone says that tomorrow will be the cooler weather .... YEA!!!! I am anticipating it.
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NEIGHBORS ... such a God story

I just have to share this ... b/c it's such a God story!! Doug hasn't been feeling so well, so we decided to go over to the new house ... to dedicate it before drywalling etc. We had the verses, markers in hand etc. It was HOT and we put down the verses and prayed throughout the house. Well the neighbor to the left of us was over there and we decided to say "hi". His name is Bill. Got to talking .. and he's an onion broker from Parma IDAHO (doug's prior job!) oh they laughed and I got God-bumps (KWIM?!!) Their children are grown ~ like ours ... and then Doug asked what brought you to CA .. he said in the 70's I was in Boston at Northeast (what?!! we were in Boston too!) Oh, thank you Lord for our neighbors ... and the journey continues!!
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Friday, September 25, 2009

up on the roof!! (sing with me)

the house the house ... take a look at these! tiling on the roof is BEING INSTALLED. the very last photos is the roofing. Are you tankless? well, I'll be .. the 2nd photo is the tankless water heater! and for ALL OF YOU GUESTS your own tub and windows too. The first photo is the window over the master bath! I love it. Onward and Upward and Forward! next stage, ELECTRICITY!!
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

DMV ... california style!

okay, I psyched myself up about doing this ... registering both vehicles .. prayed about it and decided TODAY was the day. Grab a caramel misto Grande for the journey .. knowing I'd need to be wide awake ... and standing before me in line were 3 not 2 CHP's. So, I asked them "do I need a CA drivers license to register my vehicles?" They didn't know and asked me if I were going to the DMV? I think they thought I looked confident of this task ... so I responded "absolutely, I plan to be there when they open at 8AM." At which, they smiled/laughed and wished me GOOD LUCK. Hmmm, I thought to myself ... they knoweth something I don'teth! So, .. I paid my bill and off I drove. I was 3rd in line but 4 people cut in line! Don't they know common courtesies? Well, in I went to Window 11 and the most helpful CA Gov't worker assisted me!! Thank you JR!! (and I hope your eye heals quickly, he said to me he was typing slower today b/c he injured his eye over the weekend ~ poor guy!) He then allowed me to begin processing the 2nd vehicle and told me once the SMOG test were completed; I did NOT have to wait in line .. but just come up to his window!! yea yea says me. So I did and did and got both cars registered. Hooray! Over the weekend I'll read the CA driving manual and then go back to the DMV and take the written test for CA. Oh the thought of yet another DL photo. I think those cameras are defective! So ... until next week ~~ the DMV of California!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Toto, we ain't in Kansas anymore .....

70 years old .. and TODAY you could see it in HDTV at the theatre. I unfortunately missed it ... darnitall! I loved Glenda ... the first time I ever saw this (I'll confess) it scared me to bits!! you gotta watch this .... tell me about "The wizard of oz" and your thoughts about it. Make sure you turn off the volume of my blog and listen to the video .... Let's go to the movies!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FavO'rites in Florida

excellent seafood!! florida coastal living is easy living!! M&M's in green .... and crabcakes too with sharing real true genuine key lime pie!! did we have fun or what??!!! major good times ... however, as douglas always says "the company was far better!" to all the CL's thank you for doing life with me!! love, m
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Monday, September 21, 2009



I want to develop and/or create a women's club/group ... where we espresso ourselves (creatively) and clinkin (as in using our cameras to see our worlds!) ...... wondering how to do this ??? any ideas, suggestions etc.? Remember ... I'm new to this area and do NOT know anyone. m
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Sandy Dunes ... Destin, FL

The CLGW's make an annual getaway! This is a muchly needed trip for all of us. AJ, B3, B2, Ginga, Marianne and me.
Alphabetically listed ~ we are all so different and powerful women of the Lord! It truly is a "as iron sharpens iron" getaway. We laugh, learn, eat, enjoy goodness ~ and just do life together.
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home again HOME again ... jiggity jigg!

HOME safely! It's still rather hot here in lovely Visalia CA! however, I"m glad to be back ... and with many different photos to share with the blogworld. until tomorrow, m

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

F L O R I D A sunshine!!

I normally don't rub it in ... but LIFE is waaaay better at the beach!! oh my oh my! I will have photos later. xoxo,m

Monday, September 14, 2009


all 6 of the CLGW's got together at the Sandy Dunes home (owned by catherine) for a week of relaxing, chatting, and hanging out. Sorry no photos yet, no converter! but I'll post many photos soon. It is gorgeous here ... crystal green waters, waves, sand .... and doing life together. xoxo, m

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Friday ....

family .... my dad (aka ~~> Papa), my mom (aka ~~> Mimi) and Carrmin blowin'bubbles for scarlett her doggie!! even dogs love bubbles O'my life mottos: not a day goes by that one should NOT take the time to blow bubbles. Go blow some bubbles wherever you may be! happy Friday too, have a great weekend. xoxo, m
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Volcano's TX style .... waaay good!

Happy Birthday dear Carrmin. This is my brothers daughter, she is 7 years old TODAY! and in first grade. 4 generations celebrated at The Rain Forrest Cafe, Grapevine Mills Malls, TX (AJ ... so sorry you missed it!). A chocolate volcano ... absolutely delicious ... just plaster it upon my hips!! know what I mean. Howdy ya'll from TX. much love, m xoxox
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

21st birthday!!

dearest beloved sonO'mine Paul, aka yo Pauly & Smiley & DJ Butters ..... HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY!! You are precious and absolutely darlin'. We love you tons!!
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

W I N D O W S .... lot 9

I just had to post ... windows are in!! at least most of them. And look closely to the first photo, they have delivered the tar paper for the roof ~~~~> progress moving forward!
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Hanford, CA

This is such a wonderful town. Truly 'Americana'. The courthouse .. in the center just too darn cute!!
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