Friday, June 27, 2008

LAST DAY on the island

time to head home .... on a jet plane ... Mahalo is the right word ~ thank you. Aloha, hello ~ love ~ goodbye ~ see you soon ~ how are you ... all of those in just one word! Until next June,
A L O H A ~~ m'


.... even when cloudy there is something about a sunset ~ the closing of another day! I have had an incredible stay in Maui. I've read 6.5 books (impressed even myself, b/c Doug had to go out and buy me 2 more books before he left) ..... learned lessons, perspectives altered, relaxed, celebrated a milestone of marriage, walked and talked .... last full day here ~ sunsets they absolutely talk to me .... even when it's cloudy. m'

Thursday, June 26, 2008

shave ice .... Kihei Style!! oh my!!!

One of the most delightful treats on Maui is .... shave ice! They have lots of flavors ... my favO'rite is the mango/pineapple. It's so tasty .... that all you need is a small. It transports me back to my early childhood ~ I used to sit with a pieplate full of crushed ice ~~~ this is waaaaaaaaaaay more tasty!! yummy and I got to share it with my MIL & FIL (they delighted in a cherry shave ice!) Aloha, m'

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

So, what do YOU have planned for terrific Tuesday? You gotta have a plan. Let's see ... my plan ... had my QT (outside with a large cup of coffee) .... made some pink lemonade for the day ... walk the beach ... and soak up some sun ..... the list is long ~ hope you have a great day. Aloha, (I have to keep signing this until Friday b/c I won't be here after that!!) m

I know how to get folks to church ....

okay, last night I attended church service the most beautiful Hawai'in women and hunkiest (YES! ladies that is a word) gorgeous piped-maui built young men hula (ed) to worship songs that you and I love to sing ...... I was speechless .... and better yet, I got photos!!! I'll post them when I get home .. the Hawai'ian colors the incredible native "costume" ..... wow!!! now, if that doesn't intrigue you all ........ so, I vote we get the group-troup to tour the USA and I assure you most positively THAT CHURCH ATTENDANCE WILL SKYROCKET. Aloha, m' ..... sorry I had forgot about that until I was reviewing my photos (almost 500 totality!!)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Ponderings .... still in MAUI

the beginning of a new week ... Doug is home and back in the saddle with work (he really truly does NOT like horseback riding!) ... and I've decided I have a spa-like retreat right here in Maui. Let me explain specifically .... my AM walks exfoliate and pumice stone my feet with the brown-sugared colored sand. I leisurely sunbathe - exfoliating dead skin cells and swim for exercise ... heaven knows I need that in my life ... God speaks (for those of you that have received what I've passed along ~ I hope I'm not a bother) .... then socializing with folks from all over the world! what a journey ... what lessons I've received .... what a blessing! I'm anticipating going to get shave ice tomorrow ~~~~~~~~~~ canteloupe ~~~~~~~~~ is my faveO'rite!! Aloha, m'

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Adventures on MAUI

Okay, there's a 'blue roofed' church on a major intersection in Maui and they are advertising the guest speaker tonight. It's a preacher I've only heard before (and I do enjoy his preaching)... and happens to be way out-of- state from me .... so my Sunday adventure will be to go and listen to him preach. Hope you all have a great week ..... I'm coming home on Friday night! Aloha, m'

and D is headed HOME

oh what two can do in eight days in MAUI. Doug headed home today .... I cried like a baby. I love his baby blue eyes and the elevator rides we had!! (inside joke). It's a long way HOME .... and bless his heart ... he carried ALL THE HEAVY stuff ~ all the goodies and most of my things I won't need for the next week ~ such as, all my books I read here, shoes .... the great tee's we bought for R & P and the Kona coffee for my friends ..... what a guy!! and don't ya know ~ he has to retrieve his luggage in Seattle and re-check it to Boise! oh my oh my!!! We did have a great time .... and our 25th anniversary too! Have a great day! Aloha, m' I can't wait to post my photos!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lahina MAUI

Incredible day experiencing the other side of the island. Wonderful shops ~~ art galleries that are amazing, local yocal stuff, walking around seeing and smelling the beauty of Lahina. Watching the "Four Winds" & "Proud of Maui" sail in with the scuba/snorklers that went out for the day. The underwater life here is sooooo colorful and worth your time! Then we had a leisurely lunch on the side of the ocean shorefront at Kimo's (a maui cattle-raised beef) we ate the bestest cheeseburger with Maui onions. Exploring, learning .... had a great day. Aloha m'

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

25 years ago TODAY ....

I promised the most gorgeous darlin' man O' my life to be his forever and always (YES! that was a song in the 80's) ... it was a hot day in Bedford MASS and we were married at Grace Chapel, Lexington MASSACHUSETTS. It was 11:30 in the beautiful morning and what a glorious day .... God had a plan. 25 years later here we are in Maui CELEBRATING. Oh the stories I could tell (of course Doug captured them in a 10 page love letter to me and presented it to me!!) and how masterfully God has made our lives in tune with Him. I never really ever thought about being married 25 years ..... it is a wonderful thought now! Hope you all have a great day .... I understand it is HOT & DRY in Idaho ... Aloha, m'

Monday, June 16, 2008

MONDAY musings from Maui

Hey you all .... I know it's mid-day in Boise but it's AM here so I just wanted to muse about Maui. I'm heading to Lahina today to shop around. They have the bestest cookwees here on the island .... macadamia nut flavored! Today was a big hit treasure wise! Doug and I found a bundle of sea treasures along our walk. I usually find a place in my yard to display such treasures .... come by in July for a cold one and I'll show you! I do have a PRAYER REQUEST ~~~~ my grandmothers only surviving brother, PHIL has a darlin' soulmate named LOUISE .... she is in ICU (I don't have a lot of details) she is a cancer survivor and has fought this battle for over 20 years .... she doesn't have any living relatives but PHIL..... I'd ask you to ask God for His Ways and His Will. Both of them, Phil & Louise, are in their 80's .... they love each other so ..... and I can't imagine what they are going through now. If you happen to think of them .... just talk to God about them ~~~ thanks. Aloha, m'

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Insights & Life Lessons

It's 3PM here on Maui ..... Doug and I just got back from spending Father's Day with Dave & Jean. We had a lovely lunch at the residence hall. I could NOT be with my dad, so we were blessed to spend some of the day with Dave. Amazingly, I don't believe we "live" by accident but by the very design of God. I had the "privilege" to observe some 'heavy' life insights. An elderly couple sat nose-to-nose dining .... what love. Another elderly couple, struggled with what to do after one goes home to be with the Lord .... just Friday night, he passed away .... and she decided to pack up his clothing and donate them to ones here on the island. I held back my sorrow and tears ... and just allowed God to give me more insights and 'life lessons.' Friends that hadn't seen Jean in awhile were so happy to greet and see her out and about! ~~ such friendship! So, INSIGHTS & LIFE LESSONS ...... grasp ~ grab ~ learn from them ..... and what joy it is to do life with all of you. Aloha, m'

Maui Market .... Saturdays

Just like home .... a swap meet and/or flea market ~~~ such finds! Doug went with me too! I found some great Christmas gifts and some of this and a lot of that!! I had fun ... soaked up some more rays today. We BBQed chicken and a veggie packet with Maui Golds (pineapple!) .... good time had by us. Just a note to say Aloha! ........ and Happy Father's Day to all you dads. What a gift you all are! Happy day to Douglas ..... what a joy to observe and participate in watching YOU become the man God is calling YOU to be. The song "MORE" by Matthew West says it best ..... I love you more than the sun!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

arrived on a jet plane!!

hooray! Doug arrived today (on a jet plane)! He did say it was a tad bumpy on the way down. And, don't ya just know .... it NEVER rains in Kihei and today we got a total of 5 minutes of a brief shower! and TODAY was the cloudiest ever since my arrival. I'm happy ..... he's here .... and all is well. We're watching the Celtics ~~ they finally took the lead after most of the game .... and I'm hoping for a W for them. Have a great rest O' the day .... it's only 5:45 PM here! Aloha, m'

no shells ...... just sounds!!

My AM routine is get up throw my bathing suit on ..... grab a water bottle, flipflops and head to the beach. I walk and talk!! TODAY however, was rather fascinating .... no shells, rocks, corral or nothing ..... just the rhythmic sounds of the ocean. WOW .. now you all know that not much ever leaves me speechless ~ well, TODAY ~~~~ speechless. How cool is that? Incredible .... then I walk back to the condo make breakfast, eat outside on the Lanai with my coffee and Bible (I'm wonderin' if this isn't God's zipcode!) and just be .... hope that you all have time to be human BEings and slow down enough and not be human DOings (and YES, I am just as guilty as the next of this too!) Aloha ~~~` m

wildlife .... worth pondering

this was my thought for TODAY ~ wildlife. In Idaho you have the elk, bears, squirrels, birds, racoons, deers, cows, etc. Well in Maui you have the birds, gecko's (not the talking advertising kind!), the fish, more fish, a little bit more fish, I've seen a beautiful red cardinal every morning, and not to mention what swims waaaaaaay beneath the ocean waves. I was just pondering the types of wildlife that must exist all over the world. Thought for the day: what are you pondering? ~ m

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bucket List !!

Doug and I saw this movie at the theatre and LOVED IT! Actually, we thought about going to see it twice .... some real one liners to ponder ... we laughed, cried ... just really enjoyed it. Not to mention the concept. What would you love to do ~ if $$$$ were NOT an issue before you kicked the bucket. I really wanna hear your list! A few of mine: travel to Jerusalem, Niagra Falls, see Wimbledon, write an article and maybe a book ........ what's on your list?????? This enquiring mind wants to know. Oh, and the reason for this post is that is went on sale today .... and YES! I did go buy it! You can borrow it ~~~ if you'd like.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A L O H A .... from Maui

I haven't forgotten you all .... let's say the 'puter doesn't want to do what I want it to do! And I refuse to fret over it ~ you know no worries. So, I will catch up over the last couple of days. Way different time zone ... and Maui is a morning isle! I walk the beach, yesterday it was way calm and I conquered my fear and swam in the big blue ocean by myself. Not for long .. but it was way awesome. Did some errands (Miss Pat you'll get your Anniversary card soon! check out where it came from!) ... and sat by the pool. A "wind" storm came by and made the waves huge. That was God showing off for me and everyone else too. Way awesome! Alright .... I'll stop! All this to say Aloha from Maui.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

in laws!

How cool was my day! I spent a couple of hours with Dave and Jean ... I couldn't wait to see them both. Then I did a quick run to Costco and the other food market. I had supper with my in-laws this evening and it was fun. What a beautiful day here in Maui ~~~> Aloha to you all .... and BTW, I think every day on the island must be beautiful. Great day!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


to begin with ... I was overweight! What a thing to say to a woman!! my luggage by six pounds ... and let me tell you I know what six pounds is! So, thankfully I had a tote bag in my luggage and just transferred some items over! Whew ~~~ no more over weight. Now, about traveling ... it fascinates me! From the mechanical stuff, to the people (travelers and the employees), to the weather and the fact that this AM I was in Boise, Idaho and tonight I'll be in Maui ... and all those destinations! So much to see ... and I am like a sponge ~ absorbing it all. Have a wonderful day you all!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ready, set .... GO!!!

okay I am packing, preparing .... anticipating! Tomorrow I leave for Hawaii. I can't wait. Doug will join me on the 12th. And then we will celebrate our 25th Anniversary! Yea! I still have a list of To-Do's .... so I am off to get them done! No worries, right!?!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

For my love of books ....

I admit, I am a bookaholic. I enjoy books thoroughly, yet I am very particular about what ones I read. I wouldn't want to waste any of my precious time. I'm not sure what book it's from ... so here's my thought ~
all of us crave release, but refuse to release (for whatever reasons!) ~ and so long as we "cling", we are bound. Whew! that's a mouthful .... a bit hard to swallow at times ... and other times I can't get past craving the release part.
With all of that in mind .... I leave you with this ~ LIVING in the fullness of time includes the ability to redemptively remember your past, to dream about your future, and remain rooted in the present.