Saturday, December 31, 2011

LAST day O' the year ... 2011

Can you believe it? The last day O' 2011?! Wow ... what a year ~ In review, I travelled quite a lot in the beginning of the year and visited places I had only read about! WoW!! Then our youngest married Tosha ~ I was blessed with planning a wedding. Who would have thought? A momma of all boys? The wedding was beautiful, I had friends to help and such JOY and blessings too. Both of us turned the BIG 5 0! And such a wonderful new phase of our lives! Interestingly how no one ever 'plans' on such grief in the wake of 2 funerals of 2 matriarchs ~ yes, my MIL (Jean A. Reader) and my grandmother (Hazel M. Campbell) went home to the Lord within one month of each other. And continued blessings and the Hand of God through all of it. Oh, FOREVER in our hearts both of you will be! Later in the year, October 5, a precious grand baby girl arrived (Makayla Ray-Jean Reader). Great Grandpy reminded all of us that Makayla is the first girl in over 50 years; because his daughter Deborah was born ~ then 3 boys ~ then 7 grandsons ~ NOW, 1 great grand-daughter. Yep, I'm a G-Ma! (Pssst ~ a pretty good one I might add.) Life so changes ... Darlin' D has made such a tremendous impact in the fruit world that he decided to move into a new adventure. Yes, he is the new CFO of South Beach Diet. And yes, that means we will be relocating to fabulous sunshiney (is that a word?!) FLORIDA. Another chapter for all of us .. and by all of us, I mean 6 ~ yes, we are a family of 6 now. So we wait, and anticipate ALL that God will do. Such a good God we have, serve and worship. Come 2012 ... all that you bring, give and will guide into more of living for Christ. Happy New Year everyone ... bye 2011 and welcome twenty12!!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Facebook .... If Mary & Joseph had Facebook

Turn off my music on the blog ~ can be done on the far right above the music grid!
I love this ...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

He shall be called ...


I may have blogged this before ... but it's where my mind (and heart!) go quite a bit. I don't seem to have any answers and then I begin to think of all the names & attributes of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. From A to Z .. and back again. What about you?
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Red Sox & Santa Stocking .... add baby

as if the baby were talking .... "G-Ma take the picture already!!" and Happy Christmas ... LQQk daddy, mommy made the blanket and I'm playing with it before she gives it to YOU! Merry Christmas" xoxoxo, baby girl!!
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