Thursday, September 30, 2010

dem bones, dem bones ~~

These are X-Rays. Not mine but darlin' D's! The view his L shoulder. And as one ages .. we begin to ache and not work as we once did. So ..... nothing torn or broken ~ yay! but PT 2X/weekly for 4 weeks and a cortizone shot. On the way to recovery. NOW, here's me thinkin' how can I get these films and use them as a halloween decoration. I love the skeleton .. it amazes me!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ARVID ... as in Thomas

Thomas Arvid ~ self taught artist ~ faNtaBUlous talent ... and incredible. His artwork pulls you in ... in that you want to see the details, experience to simplistic joy of wines. I do own a few .. and that's what happens. It pulls me in, makes me think of the times friends O' mine have enjoyed the simplisticity of "doing LIFE together" in all different aspects ... relationships are worth the investment! Happy Wednesday.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

NEVER full price!!!

I'm a bargain's in my bones. Clearance aisles seem to call out my name when I am out shopping. And ... coupons actually do save $$$. Keep your eyes wide open as well as your mind open. So....unless it's in the dollar section - I'll never pay full price!  Not to mention the Big-Box shops ~ ask to speak to a supervisor and ask for discounts!! (5 or 10% off)  YOU NEVER EVER know ~ as this has worked at Lowes, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby and many other retailers!!  PLUS, always always aLwAYs B. Y. O. B ~ bring your bags ~ shopping bags. FYI ~ Winco, Target, SaveMart and many other retailers are giving you pennies for re-using your own bags.  Besides, I think it's a powerful way to make a difference!!  Happy Bargaining EVERYWHERE!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

white or brown or both????

EGGS that is ... white or brown? I prefer the white! LQQk here ... 20 pack for $2.99 ~ and ranch egss. Thank you Mr. Farmer and Miss Chicky Chick!!
Got a favO'rite egg recipe? share it!
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vallarta GRAND OPENING ... in my town!!

Okay .. I am so into the local-yocal thingy! And this supermarket ~ VALLARTA ~ had it's Grand Opening yesterday!! So I had to go!! LOOK .. they are making fresh HOT tortillas!! yum. And the Marchia band was singing ~ I would have sung along but I did NOT know the words ... however, that hasn't ever stopped me in the past. I was so happy and excited I had to call my CL ~ Pat and share my joy. Then they have this fresh salsa bar ... and the guacomole was excellente'!! I have more photos ... it's located on Riggins and Dinuba Avenue. Some great sales too!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1st day O' Harvest

Sun setting to my LEFT and golden HARVEST moon rising to my RIGHT! Wow ~ what a magnificent day ~ first day O' harvest ... and it will be spectacular ... make sure you check it out!!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sept. 24, Friday GO TO THE MOVIES .... Visalia, CA

Karen Kingsbury script ~ "like dandelion dust" ... LIFE CHANGING FICTION on film. Go to the movies on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 24 ~ it will make a difference for the better in Hollywood. Hey, meet me at the cinema ~ Visalie Regal Stadium 10 Theater on Bridge Street and I'll buy your ticket!! Seriously!!! wanna go to the movies??!!! The producers are home-grown boys from Visalia, CA and it's an excellent movie and .... LIFE CHANGING!!
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Monday, September 13, 2010

SaTuRDays ...

I enjoy Saturdays when they entail this .... excellent food (we enjoy cooking together), a great (GREAT!) bottle of fanTaBuLous wine (I highly suggest this bottle of 2004 Chateau St. Jean Merlot) and darlin' D ~ the company is always always AlWAyS better!!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Ribbon Schmiggon ... ORGANIZED!!

RIBBONS ... gotta love these! And I have literally tried many (many!!) ways of storage and organization. This is the best by far. Let me explain it to YOU (this is for you dear IE) ... the storage box ~ simple art locking bucket. I say locking b/c I tend to toss, as in throw, things into my car, office etc.

Now open, the box ~~ it looks like smidge podge messy mess! But wait ..... NO!!!

All the ribbons are color organized (ROY G BIV) and are clamped onto a 2 inch "O" ring. This is so working. Because when you are in the middle of a project ~ you grab the BLUE ring and you can toss (see?!) it onto the page and see what works. And, I tend to fold into 12 inch segments b/c then I know how much I have of any ribbon. I do have an "O" ring for ribbons 'WITH WORDS'. I gave you a close-up of the "O" PURPLE ring. So .. what do you think? And I must add ...this travels very well!!! So, NOW what do you think??? And ... you can find clamps at the Dollar Store and the "O" rings at Staples and/or Office Depot ... but I did find some decorative ones at (yes!) the Dollar Store. Try it ... and let me know what YOU think!! Happy Scrapping and Cropping!! m

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I am sitting in my office and I hear running water. Well, after one has had major water damage this sound warrants an investigation. NOPE nothing ~ so back to my office. I started doing my bible study for class and in Rev. 1 vs. 15 the apostle John is describing how he is seeing Christ ... "his voice was like the sound of rushing water." You know the kind?! The kind of water that if you are close enough you can't hear anything else. Well ....... I am still hearing rushing water. I pick my head up and look outside (always a good idea!) .. and there I see this ~ too cool or what? Actually CA Water Dept. is working on stablizing and maintaining water demands .. and I got to see this!!! Funny story and it's TRUE too. Doesn't God so want to show us His Word??? Yea!! have a great weekend, m

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Thursday, September 9, 2010


YOU ~ the day God blessed us with beloved YOU! Happy birthday Paul! We lOvE LOve loVE YOU more! Have a great day ... always know God has great plans for YOU!! Enjoy your day!! xoxox, mom

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


What pleases you? color, things, images, friends, people ... Oh, the list is long and yet, very very important as what defines YOU! have a great day, m
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

the HEAT cometh ....

In anticipating the really hot hot HOT weather ... I've decided to seclude myself in my 'studio' ~ aka Wildwood room ~~ the place I create!! I actually need a NAME FOR MY ROOM. Anywho ... today I've pulled out it all ... everything ... I LoVe loVE LOve LOVE to  play with photos and I got about 300+ to play with.  Wanna join me ~ everyone welcomed!! have a cool kinda of a day ~ m