Monday, March 31, 2008

End O' March

Can it be? really be? Yes, tis' the end O' March! What will be next .... sweet April showers ... then?! I can barely wait!! ONE MONTH COUNTDOWN!

"I suppose there is one friend in the life of each of us who seems not a separate person, however dear and beloved, but an expansion, an interpretation, of one's self, the very meaning of one's soul." ~ Edith Wharton

Today I spent the day in 3rd grade ... I do enjoy substituting ~ I'm wondering if "they" enjoy me?!

"We are each other's reference point at our turning points." ~ Elizabeth Fishel

Friends .. we all need them and want them ..... FRIENDS!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

SHE .... aka ~ friend!! O' mine

Let me introduce you to .... Beverly, some call her Bev, the CLGW call her "miss Beverly K", her darlin' one and only son calls her ~ mom, I know her DH calls her ~ sweetheart. I call her BB (long story ... heart warming too!) .... I also call her ~ she ..... she is all that to me and always will be. She walks in when everyone else walks away. She calls me (she even calls me out sometimes too, cause I need it!) She gives .... well, read the layout! She ..... do you have any "she's" in your life???? Today I contemplated BIG things .... life, purposefulness, meaning of me ..... and SHE ..... popped into my heart. I'm heading into 3rd grade for Monday and Tuesday .... so, think about all your "she's" ~~ call them, have coffee with them, love them ..... and above all else ~ have a great week. psst ... it's March 30th in the late evening ... and it just began to swizzler snow here ..... I'm serious!!!

love, m
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why do you work?

This is very sad and hard ....
I've always considered where God would have me work. January 2006 I had the privilege of being hired at Archiver's Boise. This is a scrapbooking store of excellence magnitude. Eye candy for the paper crafter ... if you know what I mean. Our jobs aren't just jobs you know .... we are put there for purposefulness. I can't begin to tell you about "glories" I've been apart of and just incredible encounters with people. I received word today, that a beloved little girl, 9 years old, that would come in to crop and craft ~ she even had her girly birthday party at the store!!..... has lost her battle with brain cancer. I can't form the words within my heart. Pray for this family.

Please visit the Notice for Brianna Paige Flanders.

Even if you just offer a smile, a hug, a "can I help you" attitude .... lives are touched and changed, even at work.

Friday, March 28, 2008


LUNCH TIME! okay, let me explain. I loooooooooooooove to do local fieldtrips. And one O' my absolute favorites is going to the Co-op downtown. I usually putts around .... read some labels, try on some hand cremes .... oh, and the friendly produce people will sample an apple or whatever. So, today the sky was blue the clouds looked like marshmellows ~ but, (you knew that was comin') the storm was brewing. The forecasters said the "S" word ... and it's also a 4-letter word too .... S N O W. So, I went early. In the deli, they had "crackin' califlower" ... sounded good to me ... so, I splurged! all of $1.93. Couldn't wait to get it home, filled my cutesy polka-dot plate with greens (spring ones of course!) and added my version of tuna = purple onion, dill pickle, red & yellow peppers and greek seasoning. Okay, I know it's only food .... but this was filling, delicious and enjoyable. Call me and we'll do lunch .... if not a few fieldtrips too.

~ m
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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tall TXN, Darrin

This darlin' tall TXN is my baby brother, Darrin Ray. He may be waaaaay taller than me ... but I'm still the Big Sis!!! Bless his heart, he was in a horrific accident and is still "recovering" ... just today he went in for more repairs. PRAISE GOD! is was the lesser of the two procedures .... and all b/c of God the surgeons did NOT have to rebreak anything. Again, PRAISE GOD! (oh go on ... do that happy dance ... no one can see you!) To be honest, it just makes my heart leap and just praise God because it's all about God and it's all for God. Dear ones .. thanks for your prayers. My dad, whose now retired, has driven out to Sonora, CA from Rowlett, TX to be with Darrin and his darlin' family of girls. Recovery is supposed to be around 8 weeks. Oh, I just think we should pray for a QUICK RECOVERY and anticipate what God will and can do!!! Will ya join me?? Thanks you guys. Oh, and this pic was taken June 2007 at my son's graduation in Boise ID. Darrin had been walking since February. Yea God!!
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SPRING ... technically

Good mornin' world! This is my venue in the family room ... it reminds me it's SPRING! I awoke this AM to frost .. that means it was below freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing! I could feel it in my bones! But, wait my trusty family calendar and personal daytimer tells me it be S P R I N G. I know, I know it is ... so I wanted to share a bit of my home with you all. And BTW, the eggs in the apothecary jar are gum balls ~ just a quirky bit of me. The word "bloom" has always been apart of me and my life ~ you know "bloom wherever you are planted!" and "for blooming sakes!" and I love blooms ~ look at those lovely real tulips that my darlin' hubby surprised me with yesterday evening! I will have more to post later .... so, hurry back and put up a friendly comment for me will ya?!!
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break 2008

Twin Falls, ID ... darling little local soda shop! Where else would 2 visitors eat lunch?!!
During Spring Break 2008 what do 2 addicted scrap-a-holics do? They hop in the truck drive 2 hours ... talking all the way ~ solving personal and world issues ... drive to Twin Falls to ..... shop/crop and learn new stuff. Did we ever shop, learn new techniqus, gather great creative ideas and shop, wait I mentioned that! And, then we drove home ... talked all the way back ~ solving International issues and sharing lifeskills too! I highly recommend you visit Twin Falls. I am planning a return visit. Wanna go?!! THE BIG Q FOR ALL OF U: When is enough ~ enough? I know I've eaten "enough" when the pants are tighter! I know I've watched too much TV when I know what commericial will air next ... I can never have enough "girl"time! and I know I bought enough croppin' supplies when I've unloaded my shoppin' bags and my entire work space is FULL. Come play and scrap ~ won't you?!!!
xoxxo m
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Night Moon

around 7:30AM .... amazingly, captivating ..... MOON. Good Night Moon! What a wonderful way to start my day.
I know this one is a tad blurry ... I must've been too excited. What a wonderful world! Mind you, this is the kind of "blessings" we get consistantly being in Idaho. Come visit and see for yourself. Happy Saturday.
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Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter eggs and Jelly Beans!

Red is for the blood He gave,
Green is for the grass He made.
Yellow is for the Sun so bright,
Orange is for the edge of night.
Black is for the sins we made,
White is for the grace He gave.
Purple is for the hours of sorrow,
Pink is for a new tomorrow.
An egg of jellybeans, colorful and sweet, is a promise, a prayer, and a loved one's treat.

I enjoy this little poem ... it teaches, it's tasty sweet, it's colorful and fun too!!

Good Friday ~ God's Friday

This has always been a very pondering and contemplative day for me. What my Jesus did for me ... and you and the world. Mind boggling! In my studying, reviewing the last prophesy of the Cross (Matthew 20:17-28) Jesus has decided to take the 12 aside for the 4th and last time, warning them and aluring to the Cross. Never did Jesus mention the Cross without the accompanying promise of His resurrection. FASCINATING! Hebrews 12:2 ~ for the joy that was set before Him, endured the Cross. ALWAYS Jesus set His eye upon the fruit of the Cross. Take that thought in, digest it, ponder and contemplate over it. With that thought, I challenge you all to expect the fruits of victory, enjoying the mighty realization of His presence and great love (for He alone knows you like none other). Have a blessed Easter because all of His joy is YOUR JOY.

xoxox All because of Christ, m

Thursday, March 20, 2008

someone said the photo did not appear ... this is the tea gift box.
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Tea with a capital "T"

Tea anyone? Tea for me! Tea for two ... even let's have a Tea party. Happy first day of Spring. Did you take the ParTea Planners challenge and do tea today?! I did ... a friend O'mine invited me to Miss Tammi's tearoom in Meridian. Absolutely excellent ... I talked a young gentlemen into having the Monte Cristo ~ the best at Miss Tammi's! So let's talk TEA! Over a tea cup you can giggle, talk, solve the worlds problems, cry and totally enjoy the experience all because of TEA. It's your responsibiliTEA, to use your curosiTEA to experience TEA ~ whether .. earl grey, green, blacks, vanilla chia ~ the list is long and divine! And to chat about puriTEA, hospitaliTEA, or spiritualiTEA ... it's amazing, refreshing and just a way to enjoy the day. Even to define and understand your true personaliTEA! Take a close look at the tea gift box (created by the ever talented JennT!). Enclosed is a tea cup with saucer and a tea-for-one teapot! with a matching and accenting tea towel. What a lovely gift ... it's mine ~ please join me for tea ... always an open invite!! Now, that is totally TEA with a capital T.
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Monday, March 17, 2008

the ones that decided to PAR-TAY!!

Now introducing da girls ... my gf's .... ones that come into my life and are there BECAUSE. Quickly, Lori ~ ever so talented, Miss Boston, funny, geniuine to the core ... just delightful. Next, Carmen gorgeously beautiful and from Brazil ... interesting, fun and so real you just want to be around her. Sue ... oh how many times we've been asked if we are sisters ~ yes, of another mother ... funny, talented, witty, truer than true, a life-line and incredibly full of life. IE (Jenniefer) .. there are so many of them I had to nickname her ~ a newlywed, creatively talented, hard-worker, great to be around ~ especically to scrap with and her in-laws take the cows to the fair yearly ... this is so impressive (and a ton of work too.) Barbara, my new friend ~ our beloveds work together ... and do they work!! and hard. Barb, is an artist ~ I can't wait to see some of her pieces, recently transplanted ~ and a hawaiian too ~ magnificently impressive, intelligent and an ever stunning home .... hospitality must be runnin' through her blood. Miss Mary ... I'm returning to my original roots ~~> OK ... funny, creative, life-experiences ... talkative (well, who ain't???) outstandingly profound in the whole friendship thingy. God is so good and I have to echo .... I am one blessed leprachaun!! And don't cha just know .... Sue knows Cindy that helped Mary with her son, Carmen teaches so Jenniefer and her connected, Barb and Lori talked "art" ... we laughed and cried ~~ I've warned you all that I can do this all in the same sentence .... we were all blessed. They did decided to lose all their marbles and sing (not I'm looking over a four leaf clover) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, rather loudly ... more giggles, more hugs ..... isn't this what life is all about ....... D O I N G life together!!! and out of tonight will probably be "birthed" a monthly grubclub and/or bday club. So much information was shared, I had to get a pen to write it all down (and I wasn't the only one that had to do this!!) .... thanks ladies!
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Pizzeria ... funtimes!!

Birthday CELEBRATION ... to begin the anti-pasto salad. All of us (7) shared this!! I happen to like the kalamata olives.
Then .... I ordered the "Jimmy the Greek" ... it absolutely is great. And BTW, all the pies are excellent. I suggest that everyone orders a different one and we all share ... it only makes the most sense.
couldn't be my bday without one of these. sweets to end the day. Carrot cake ... describes me completely.
Oh, and yes, we had to do the beer thing too. Happy St. Patty's day.
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Bear O' mine meet Bear Divine .. just for me!!

This darlin' handsome hunk of a young man ... is my beloved baby!! He loves to par-tay just as much as me!! His momma raised him right you know!! as soon as he got home from work, (he had to dress in the attire you know!) he surprised me with T H I S!! Lucky O' Reader tis' her name and it's mine .. all mine!! Check out the nose .. the three leaf shamrock! and the boxers .. wait, that would mean tis' bear O' mine be a he .... oh heck, I love it all the more ~ just another male in my life!! Gotta love the hat right? Jester O' Paul .... physically and literally too.

The par-tay has just begun .... all day long and all night too! come join us ~ if you want!! guaranteed many laughs! Happy O' Day to you all. May the great luck o' the Irish be a dublin' to you all!!
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St. Patricks Day celebration!!!

It's my birthday ... shakin' my shamrocks even! Top O' the mornin' to ya!! opening family gifts. I am truly a blessed leprachaun!!!!
To the IHOP ... whose that handsome man behind the menu .. wait tis' be husband O' mine!!
A very happy tis' husband O' mine ... I tend to have this effect upon him DAILY!!! and BTW, I ordered the Senior Egg Scrambler .. and the tiny young cute waitress did NOT card me ... and NO, I am not over 55!!
This cute elderly couple ordered exactly what I really wanted but I was too afraid of the sugar effcts and what it would do to me!!... so, I asked if I could photograph them and the pancakes ... yes, you are ABSOLUTELY right it's topped off with a pink lollipop ~ in honor of Horton Hears a Who .... no green eggs and ham today however.
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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Boise State University .. BRONCO BOYS!!!

dear world ... how 'bout them Bronco Boys!! tri-umphant .... 3 OT's ... but the BIGGER story is, did you see the "LP" on all of their jerseys? Let me tell you what it represents and whom it represents. LP = Lisa Parker a young wife, mom, friend, daughter and so on ... has Stage 4 cancer and battles this with joy in the Lord and an incredible positive outlook. She was told she has 2 weeks to live ... oh, how difficult this must be ~ she also supports the Christian Fellowship Athlete program at BSU powerfully. So, the men of Boise State wore LP in her honor. I so believe that in honoring God .... God honored them ~~~~> with an incredible, hold-on-to-your seat victory ..... just so we can "tell the story". I'd be so bold as to ask for you all to prayer for this family and for Lisa. Strangers by chance ... sisters by Christ.

All because of Christ, m

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hair today!

Okay, ladies you are going to have to follow along carefully. I had 3 wonderful photos to share with the world and as it turns out my new improved camera does not come equipped with an internal memory! therefore, since I did NOT have a memory card I did NOT get my great photos. (bummed me out more than you'll know!) So, I'll just explain to you what happened. Let me begin with THERAPY ~ we have retail therapy, mental therapy, scrappin' therapy, art therapy, friendship therapy, physcial therapy, prayer therapy .... you get the idea .... so today I went for hair therapy. It's a place I usually don't bring my cell phone but somehow it got into my purse. At the hair therapy salon, I relax, I meet the most wonderful people and there are some of the most talented hair designers in Boise, plus we solve the worlds issues, discuss the new things going on ... it's a world in itself! The place is called LOOKS UNLIMITED, 3518 Overland Street 85706 ... call Jenny H. ~ she'll know I am. This is photo no. 1 ... I had the most adorable photo of her outside the salon in front of the signage. Then in walked SCISSOR HAND ADAM ~ delightful young man .... we chatted, we all chatted! and this was photo no. 2 .... Adam smiling b/c he sharpens scissors expertly. Then there were the two darlingest customers ... they traveled in from Challis. That's in Idaho ~ located in the center of the state (out-of-towners ~ no worries, I had to ask to where it was.) that's a reminder ... don't go complaining and whining that you travel far for anything ... these ladies traveled!! So, as they got all dolled up (and they were even more gorgeous on the inside) and definately beautiful on the outside they were spendin' the day in Boise ~ shopping (retail therapy), laughing (girlfriend therapy) and enjoying themselves. As for me ..... I truly enjoy going for hair therapy!! I'll get photos next month, so for now just do the mental image. Have a great weekend and chat it up!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Chris T. created this for another beloved friend. Doesn't it look yummy?!! And if you are going to have a "sundae" on Thursday ... it might as well be this!

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Sweet dear BB sent these to me. You know those friends that feel and know your heart (sometimes more than you do yourself)? That's BB. These beautiful flowers symbolize BB ~ in that, they are beautiful, colorful, fragrant and lovely. And, they soooooo brightened my day. So BB ... how many days til May 1st? c o u n t d o w n !! xoxo m

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

happy birthday Papa!!


This photo was taken in 1966 and no! I did not take it. This is my dad. He is 70 years old today. Hey, I have no problems letting the world know how old you are!! Hope you had a happy day. We love you and wish we were there to help you eat some bday cake!! love to you. m
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MOPS .... monthly meetings ~~ really!!

Mother's Of PreSchoolers. Here we are all. What FUN had by all. It's a great group. Come join us ... we meet the first Tuesday of every month. I have the privilege of hangin' with them ..... supposedly I have some insight, now that mine are grown (yet not gone!). Plus, oh how I love to laugh, giggle and do life with them!!!
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Friendly Joe

Joe is on the left. He was at the Pizzeria too. He took the picture of all of us. I'm telling you all ... whether you come to visit or are a local ~ you must GO CHECK this place out!! Tell them I sent you, they won't have a clue who I am!!!
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Local field trips ~~ Pizza!!

This is a local in Boise and it is great!!! It's located on S. Vista No. 1204. Any of you East coasters would love it. It's excellent and a bit funky (my fav!) . They even offer an Idahoian pizza, yes it includes potatoes! Go try it out, and let me know what you think! Hey, we could meet there!! I went with my group of MOPS. Divine and lovely bunch of mommas raising their babies. No, I'm not a MOP ... I'm the mentor mom!
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Monday, March 10, 2008

color ... color and color!!!

This is my tablescape for St. Paddy's day. I love green (of course!!) depression glass and just little trinkets to say "top o' the morning! afternoon and evening too. However, this is my issue .... notice the color of the green M&M's. If any of you has connections with M&M's please advise them to continue to sell green ~ dark, vibrant, passionate candies up through March 17th. Then I'd be happy. What do you think? Not the right shade of green, but don't get me wrong ... an M&M is still an M&M. Enjoy! have a great day.
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Saturday, March 8, 2008

double twos for YOU!!!

Dear child, can it be? Truly you are 22 years old today ~~~~> double 2's for you. Happy Birthday. Always, be safe, be true to yourself, be kind and always do what is right. Remember whose you are! and BTW, he is awfully handsome ~ don't you think? He is single and looking. Happy Birthday eldest son. We love you!! way too much to express. L O V E the moment .... work will wait while you admire the rainbows, but the rainbows won't always be around. Capture life!!!

xoxox mom
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Friday, March 7, 2008

all in one week! I kid you NOT!

Spring .. right around the corner! Well, it best be! and BTW, don't forget "spring forward" on Saturday!! This is always the hard on for me ... lose an hour of beauty sleep! oh vay! First Day O' Spring is March 20th, Wednesday. So, after you've packed away all of the St. Paddy Day decorations. Begin to celebrate SPRING and then into Easter ... all in the very same week. Can you say Partaaaaaaay!!! Oh, speaking of ParTea. Head on over the the ParTea Planners blog .... she's inviting the world to have a (can you guess?) ... a Tea Party on March 20th. Check it out. Let me know how you party and tea-d out!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

M.A.D !!! making a difference

Q: why do I do what I do? A: great question! because I want to make a big, huge, gigantic difference. Take a peak at the little notes my 5th graders wrote me. We had a busy, productive day. I think they all went home exhausted. Wonder if their mommas will notice? Oh, well ... I just wanted to share why I do what I do. Most of the time the A(nswer) as to why I do A N Y T H I N G ... is to make a difference. Always a student, learning something today ~ teaching and passing it along. and BTW, we laughed too.

xoxox m
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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm beginning to think ...

okay those of you who know me MUST HELP ME! Some say "you remind me of Paula Dean" ... I don't have her gorgous silver/white hair nor blue eyes. Some say "you sound like your from the South" ... this be true I am a GRITS! girl raised in the SOUTH ... raised, relocated, relaxing in, so true. And when I call home ... "it" pops in again! Some say "what did you say?" oil, joy, bible .... I am speaking my native language = English. So give a shout out .... WHAT DO YOU SAY ??? be kind and offer up friendly comments. I'll be awaitin' forevah! and don't you forget it .... girlsfriends are forevah!!!


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

joy matured!

I finally got it! well, maybe I already knew it ... but couldn't put words to my thoughts. Imagine that! So, this is my new understanding ~~~> joy matured is L O V E. Follow along with my thought process ... loving life allows life to love you right back. In that, Love today ... b/c that's where you are! Love the ordinary ~ what I learn, what I treasure ... I am blessed b/c of the ordinary! Love the possibilities ~ consider all your possibilities and the opportunities we all have! Love your memories ~ some days it's all I got literally. Think and ponder over your many memories, 'cause I know you got them! Love your friends ~ this alone could be my banner (cause I don't got no sisters ~ only from anotha' mother) and I could blog hours - days - weeks about friends! ...... do ya get it? GOT LOVE? this is powerful and this list is very very long! So, let's talk, imagine, giggle, plan ...... GOT LOVE? I just got it and am able to verbalize it .... I do impress myself some days.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Readin' & Writin' and Math too!!

well, it started like this ... I headed back to 4th grade today ... yes, as a substitute teacher. Oh, the places I go! And yes, spelling, reading, writing, computer, math, recess, .... all of these in a quick short wonderful day. All 28 of the students survived. Yes, I brought my bubbles ~ why wouldn't I have? and yes, I let them giggle it out for an entire minute. I heard a gentlemen giving his "last" speech from Carnegie and he said "live right and dreams come to you." dear ones, today a dream appeared and I was the starlet. What will happen next? Are you all dreaming ... living rightly? Let me know about it! Turn up the volume and dance as if no one is watching. xoxoxox

Sunday, March 2, 2008

absolutely amazing!!!

This gorgeous - smart - funny - guy not only works diligently but also is working on his MBA. In his spare time, he humors me with lavishing me with my dreams. I tend to be the dreamer (and there have been some doozeys!) and he is the dream-maker! Just today, he built this clock. You never know when you are outside gardening (it's waaaaaaaaaaaay too early to do that now in Idaho ~ but when we do garden), or sipping coffee by the 'pit', or gazing at the amazing sunsets here (by the way, sunsets are incredible in the Pacific NW), or just walking through the yard when you will need to know the time of day. I don't wear a wristwatch and to know the time of day seems to be very important to me .... and I have no clue as to why! So, come on by and check out the time!!! Because the time is NOW!

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