Tuesday, March 4, 2008

joy matured!

I finally got it! well, maybe I already knew it ... but couldn't put words to my thoughts. Imagine that! So, this is my new understanding ~~~> joy matured is L O V E. Follow along with my thought process ... loving life allows life to love you right back. In that, Love today ... b/c that's where you are! Love the ordinary ~ what I learn, what I treasure ... I am blessed b/c of the ordinary! Love the possibilities ~ consider all your possibilities and the opportunities we all have! Love your memories ~ some days it's all I got literally. Think and ponder over your many memories, 'cause I know you got them! Love your friends ~ this alone could be my banner (cause I don't got no sisters ~ only from anotha' mother) and I could blog hours - days - weeks about friends! ...... do ya get it? GOT LOVE? this is powerful and this list is very very long! So, let's talk, imagine, giggle, plan ...... GOT LOVE? I just got it and am able to verbalize it .... I do impress myself some days.


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Jann said...

Your words are so true. We depend so much on our friends when our families are limited or just do not exist in our lives. I'll be your "sistah from another mother" any day my friend. Keep that enthusiasm for life and love, joy and happiness. You never know when things will change and we all need to remember that love....suffices many boundaries.
Have the best this day has to offer. Hope to see you soon. I miss shopping in Twin!