Sunday, March 2, 2008

absolutely amazing!!!

This gorgeous - smart - funny - guy not only works diligently but also is working on his MBA. In his spare time, he humors me with lavishing me with my dreams. I tend to be the dreamer (and there have been some doozeys!) and he is the dream-maker! Just today, he built this clock. You never know when you are outside gardening (it's waaaaaaaaaaaay too early to do that now in Idaho ~ but when we do garden), or sipping coffee by the 'pit', or gazing at the amazing sunsets here (by the way, sunsets are incredible in the Pacific NW), or just walking through the yard when you will need to know the time of day. I don't wear a wristwatch and to know the time of day seems to be very important to me .... and I have no clue as to why! So, come on by and check out the time!!! Because the time is NOW!


M said...

This is an interesting blog that I stumbled on. I really like your writing style.

Please visit my blog and leave me a comment about your day but you must write it in 7 words or less! Are you up to the challenge? If not, then please continue blogging and have a wonderful day.

LoRi said...

it was delightful to see you yesterday! good luck tomorrow mrs. reader! see you tuesday!

Brin said...

Michelle! Welcome to Blogland! I am so excited to see you have a blog- I have SO missed working with you. I hope it's ok if I "blog stalk" you :) I miss seeing your smiling, happy face!