Monday, March 17, 2008

the ones that decided to PAR-TAY!!

Now introducing da girls ... my gf's .... ones that come into my life and are there BECAUSE. Quickly, Lori ~ ever so talented, Miss Boston, funny, geniuine to the core ... just delightful. Next, Carmen gorgeously beautiful and from Brazil ... interesting, fun and so real you just want to be around her. Sue ... oh how many times we've been asked if we are sisters ~ yes, of another mother ... funny, talented, witty, truer than true, a life-line and incredibly full of life. IE (Jenniefer) .. there are so many of them I had to nickname her ~ a newlywed, creatively talented, hard-worker, great to be around ~ especically to scrap with and her in-laws take the cows to the fair yearly ... this is so impressive (and a ton of work too.) Barbara, my new friend ~ our beloveds work together ... and do they work!! and hard. Barb, is an artist ~ I can't wait to see some of her pieces, recently transplanted ~ and a hawaiian too ~ magnificently impressive, intelligent and an ever stunning home .... hospitality must be runnin' through her blood. Miss Mary ... I'm returning to my original roots ~~> OK ... funny, creative, life-experiences ... talkative (well, who ain't???) outstandingly profound in the whole friendship thingy. God is so good and I have to echo .... I am one blessed leprachaun!! And don't cha just know .... Sue knows Cindy that helped Mary with her son, Carmen teaches so Jenniefer and her connected, Barb and Lori talked "art" ... we laughed and cried ~~ I've warned you all that I can do this all in the same sentence .... we were all blessed. They did decided to lose all their marbles and sing (not I'm looking over a four leaf clover) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, rather loudly ... more giggles, more hugs ..... isn't this what life is all about ....... D O I N G life together!!! and out of tonight will probably be "birthed" a monthly grubclub and/or bday club. So much information was shared, I had to get a pen to write it all down (and I wasn't the only one that had to do this!!) .... thanks ladies!
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Kim Ross said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :) Sounds like you all had an absolute blast! I SO wanted to be there... I was in spirit.

Hope I'll get a Casanova's rain check to lunch with you there sometime soon.

Many happy returns!

LoRi said...

Good times my friend. Good times. Love ya!

Jann said...

Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUUU
Happy birthday to YOUUUUUUUU
Happy birthday dear Michell-eeeeee
Happy Birthay to YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!
Kimme Ross.....I want one of those, too!...
Great way to spend your B-Day Michelle.....with warmth, love and laughter from great friends.
So glad for you all.
Love from across the miles....

Anonymous said...

We had a GREAT TIME on you Birthday!
I can't wait to have another get together again with the PAR-TAY GIRLS!!!!