Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tall TXN, Darrin

This darlin' tall TXN is my baby brother, Darrin Ray. He may be waaaaay taller than me ... but I'm still the Big Sis!!! Bless his heart, he was in a horrific accident and is still "recovering" ... just today he went in for more repairs. PRAISE GOD! is was the lesser of the two procedures .... and all b/c of God the surgeons did NOT have to rebreak anything. Again, PRAISE GOD! (oh go on ... do that happy dance ... no one can see you!) To be honest, it just makes my heart leap and just praise God because it's all about God and it's all for God. Dear ones .. thanks for your prayers. My dad, whose now retired, has driven out to Sonora, CA from Rowlett, TX to be with Darrin and his darlin' family of girls. Recovery is supposed to be around 8 weeks. Oh, I just think we should pray for a QUICK RECOVERY and anticipate what God will and can do!!! Will ya join me?? Thanks you guys. Oh, and this pic was taken June 2007 at my son's graduation in Boise ID. Darrin had been walking since February. Yea God!!
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Terry said...

Praise God! I am so happy for your brother. I hope your mom is doing okay in Rowlett. I'll keep praying for your brother's recovery.