Sunday, March 30, 2008

SHE .... aka ~ friend!! O' mine

Let me introduce you to .... Beverly, some call her Bev, the CLGW call her "miss Beverly K", her darlin' one and only son calls her ~ mom, I know her DH calls her ~ sweetheart. I call her BB (long story ... heart warming too!) .... I also call her ~ she ..... she is all that to me and always will be. She walks in when everyone else walks away. She calls me (she even calls me out sometimes too, cause I need it!) She gives .... well, read the layout! She ..... do you have any "she's" in your life???? Today I contemplated BIG things .... life, purposefulness, meaning of me ..... and SHE ..... popped into my heart. I'm heading into 3rd grade for Monday and Tuesday .... so, think about all your "she's" ~~ call them, have coffee with them, love them ..... and above all else ~ have a great week. psst ... it's March 30th in the late evening ... and it just began to swizzler snow here ..... I'm serious!!!

love, m
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