Monday, March 3, 2008

Readin' & Writin' and Math too!!

well, it started like this ... I headed back to 4th grade today ... yes, as a substitute teacher. Oh, the places I go! And yes, spelling, reading, writing, computer, math, recess, .... all of these in a quick short wonderful day. All 28 of the students survived. Yes, I brought my bubbles ~ why wouldn't I have? and yes, I let them giggle it out for an entire minute. I heard a gentlemen giving his "last" speech from Carnegie and he said "live right and dreams come to you." dear ones, today a dream appeared and I was the starlet. What will happen next? Are you all dreaming ... living rightly? Let me know about it! Turn up the volume and dance as if no one is watching. xoxoxox


Kim Ross said...

YEAY! Congratulations on reaching your goal! Hope you had a magnificent day today and that the days to follow get better and better!

Brin said...

Congratulations Mrs. Reader!

I would have LOVED to have had you as a substitute teacher! I bet you did wonderful!