Sunday, March 16, 2008

Boise State University .. BRONCO BOYS!!!

dear world ... how 'bout them Bronco Boys!! tri-umphant .... 3 OT's ... but the BIGGER story is, did you see the "LP" on all of their jerseys? Let me tell you what it represents and whom it represents. LP = Lisa Parker a young wife, mom, friend, daughter and so on ... has Stage 4 cancer and battles this with joy in the Lord and an incredible positive outlook. She was told she has 2 weeks to live ... oh, how difficult this must be ~ she also supports the Christian Fellowship Athlete program at BSU powerfully. So, the men of Boise State wore LP in her honor. I so believe that in honoring God .... God honored them ~~~~> with an incredible, hold-on-to-your seat victory ..... just so we can "tell the story". I'd be so bold as to ask for you all to prayer for this family and for Lisa. Strangers by chance ... sisters by Christ.

All because of Christ, m

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