Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tea with a capital "T"

Tea anyone? Tea for me! Tea for two ... even let's have a Tea party. Happy first day of Spring. Did you take the ParTea Planners challenge and do tea today?! I did ... a friend O'mine invited me to Miss Tammi's tearoom in Meridian. Absolutely excellent ... I talked a young gentlemen into having the Monte Cristo ~ the best at Miss Tammi's! So let's talk TEA! Over a tea cup you can giggle, talk, solve the worlds problems, cry and totally enjoy the experience all because of TEA. It's your responsibiliTEA, to use your curosiTEA to experience TEA ~ whether .. earl grey, green, blacks, vanilla chia ~ the list is long and divine! And to chat about puriTEA, hospitaliTEA, or spiritualiTEA ... it's amazing, refreshing and just a way to enjoy the day. Even to define and understand your true personaliTEA! Take a close look at the tea gift box (created by the ever talented JennT!). Enclosed is a tea cup with saucer and a tea-for-one teapot! with a matching and accenting tea towel. What a lovely gift ... it's mine ~ please join me for tea ... always an open invite!! Now, that is totally TEA with a capital T.
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