Friday, March 14, 2008

Hair today!

Okay, ladies you are going to have to follow along carefully. I had 3 wonderful photos to share with the world and as it turns out my new improved camera does not come equipped with an internal memory! therefore, since I did NOT have a memory card I did NOT get my great photos. (bummed me out more than you'll know!) So, I'll just explain to you what happened. Let me begin with THERAPY ~ we have retail therapy, mental therapy, scrappin' therapy, art therapy, friendship therapy, physcial therapy, prayer therapy .... you get the idea .... so today I went for hair therapy. It's a place I usually don't bring my cell phone but somehow it got into my purse. At the hair therapy salon, I relax, I meet the most wonderful people and there are some of the most talented hair designers in Boise, plus we solve the worlds issues, discuss the new things going on ... it's a world in itself! The place is called LOOKS UNLIMITED, 3518 Overland Street 85706 ... call Jenny H. ~ she'll know I am. This is photo no. 1 ... I had the most adorable photo of her outside the salon in front of the signage. Then in walked SCISSOR HAND ADAM ~ delightful young man .... we chatted, we all chatted! and this was photo no. 2 .... Adam smiling b/c he sharpens scissors expertly. Then there were the two darlingest customers ... they traveled in from Challis. That's in Idaho ~ located in the center of the state (out-of-towners ~ no worries, I had to ask to where it was.) that's a reminder ... don't go complaining and whining that you travel far for anything ... these ladies traveled!! So, as they got all dolled up (and they were even more gorgeous on the inside) and definately beautiful on the outside they were spendin' the day in Boise ~ shopping (retail therapy), laughing (girlfriend therapy) and enjoying themselves. As for me ..... I truly enjoy going for hair therapy!! I'll get photos next month, so for now just do the mental image. Have a great weekend and chat it up!!

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