Saturday, September 27, 2008

FIREPROOF ~ the movie!

last night Doug and I went to see FIREPROOF ~ the movie. It's good, if not excellent. Yes, it's about marriages and it's about relationships too. I loved this movie. And, yes it has the Word and the message of Christ! so ... all of that to say............... Isn't all of life (yours and mine) about doing life together .... honestly and being real? have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

t i r e d!?!!!

Is anyone else tired? I am so tired! I can't seem to get a grasp of anything let alone feel refreshed to tackle the heavy-duty stuff. Just wanted to ask the blogworld ... how are you??? m

Friday, September 19, 2008

the seasons are changing!! not soon enough

okay ..... I am one who holds onto summer for as long as I possibly can. I don't listen to advertisements on TV or the radio (so don't ask me if I heard that!!) .... but today, I painstakinly took down all my seashells, all my mementos of summer (years past and 2008) ... and felt it should technically begin the change of the seasons. However, the temperature outside is hot .... too hot for all of this!! and then I read this .... it does look delicious, I've never tasted it ~ have YOU? describe the taste for me please. And I am one that literally will do a "happy dance" when I spot the pumpkin spice creamer in any store ...... because then I know the seasons are definately changing. have a great weekend.

traveling bag ....... a la scrapbook style


this is my traveling bag when I go scrapbooking(alright, this is 1 of 4 bags ~ I know I'm a baglady too!). I traveled to Idaho Falls yesterday to hook up with my PIC (partner in crime) and did we ever do some damage!!! but the funny thing is this .... her darlin Mr. Sir Bentley is a thief!! twice if NOT more he got into my bag and stole my socks!!!! and he's more tiny than the bag!!! tooooooo funny!!! I left the house at 4:30AM (there actually is a 4:30AM!!) and didn't get back home till almost 10PM ~ I do NOT recommend this for anyone!! do NOT try this ..... I was/am exhausted.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

photos you love love love !!!!!

this is my favO'rite photo of us together, in Hawaii (maui), celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary!! I love love love love this photo!!!! I decided to tweak it a bit ~~ soft focus - focusing on my beloved Douglas!

I truly have found the one my heart (<3) loves. do you have any photos you love love love? I know you do! care to share? m

Monday, September 15, 2008


are you? can you be? why not now? the answer is YES! treasure those darlin' spouses, treasure those babies, treasure those siblings, treasure those blessed girlfriends ............ the list ~ be grateful!!! Let me know who you're grateful for ....... have a great week. m
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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sarah Palin INTERVIEW with Charlie Gibson

what did you think?
I hardly ever never ever give my political opinion ..... so I guess, tonight I'll break the glass ceiling off one of my cardinal rules. What did you think of the Sarah Palin INTERVIEW with Charlie Gibson??? The issues, the comments, the questions, the area, the scenery. Personally, it rocked my boat. Had some Q's answered. And, I'm thrilled .... for her and the US of A. Your views? dare to share???
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

G I R L F R I E N D time!!

so dear ones ~ when you get with your girlfriends WHAT DO YOU DO? I've always wanted to do a card-stamping club .... you can never have enough cards you know! So, I joined this darlin club Miss Betsy is part of this goup .... and she is so endearing to me (and always will be). The "group" doesn't really have a name just a mission ~~~~> card making. As tired as I am, as busy as I am ....... I just had to do this. I will admit this, I didn't want to go .... it's at 6:30PM, after supper blah blah blah ~ Doug didn't even give me an excuse for NOT going .... so I went. God Himself showed up!! yep! let me tell you how .... one of the ladies, Alicia, happens to be moving to Lexington KY. I got so excited for her and her family. It's a great place to raise a family, southern living ..... we laughed and laughed. And you know we ate some great foods ~ oh alright, we indulged in desserts. They were so good!!! and as women .... we connected beyond the cardmaking thingy. heart-to-heart. Even us newbies. I was so glad that Anjanette (she's the Stampin' Up guru) did intro's .... and off we went. Here are the 3 cards I made .... if you get one ~ act real surprised!!!! But ...... take a closer look at card 3. It has mosquito's on it ... you read that right ~~~ M O S Q U I T O ' s ....... ick, yuck, double ick ick. I don't like them Sam I AM ~ not in the house, not on a train or a plane .... NO Sam I am I do not like mosquito's!!!! Not in the US of A or in S. Africa. I guess I was more tired than I had thought b/c I had a real hang up on this card ~~~ do you want me to send it to YOU???? Oh, about the Godpart ....... (this brought me to tears) darlin' Alicia wrote me a check to help for the teamAFRICA fundraising. She said "it blesses my heart that people take time out of their own lives to go and make a difference in the world." Wow ~ God speaks through our girlfriends. Now, if I had been selfish and a baby and NOT gone ~ I would have missed God! sweet sisters, allow God to show up and bless you!!! and BTW, I do NOT limit my GIRLFRIEND time to just one event ~ I have many things I love to do with my girlfriends all over the place!! What joy it is to think about those times. I challenge YOU to invest in some GIRLFRIEND time soon. m
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

20th bday .....lunch dates!!!!

this is my beloved baby son .... he is 20 years old today. Oh my how time has gone by. I remember the morning ...... I remember holding him ~ Paul Ray Reader. 09-09-88 He's grown yet not gone from the nest! He was on my left at lunch today ...... a lunch date on Wednesday after Bible Study Fellowship is a wonderful way to end my afternoon. Happy birthday dear Paul ~ Happy birthday to YOU!
and darlin' hubby ~ doug ~ was to my right at lunch. The food was good but the company was much much better and more excellent. Beautiful day, lovely lunch, handsome men (and they are all mine!!)

YES! a great day. Oh and BTW beloved baby will turn 21 years old on 09-09-09. He's already making plans for next year!! Have a great day. m
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how's your laundry???

what a Q for all of U!!! speaking of laundry .... did mine! darlin' Pauly (youngst son) did 5 and has another 6 or 7 loads to do .......... but hey it's his 20th birthday today!!! he'll get caught up soon!! I'll post his bday picture too.
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Monday, September 8, 2008

P R I O R I T I E S ..... teams and in order!!!

Prayer team ...... we couldn't and wouldn't do anything without this vital important TEAM!! one member is missing from the team (Dorothy) ..... but what an awesome group and I am blessed!!
teamAFRICA ..... ta-da ...... all 30 of us. The sun is bright!!! and we are Son-reflectors. We were challenged to be the moon!!! check it out ~~~ fascinating concept. Training has begun.
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Friday, September 5, 2008

storage space .. oh where art thou?

I do indeedy d r e a m about storage space. Have you visited my office lately???! oy vey! and those cute tiny containers, and then there's paper storage, and buttons, and brads (not the man named brad but those cutesy embellishments!) that I can never ever find. Magazine storage too! and BTW, I dream in LIVING COLOR. What about you???? got any ideas?? have a great Friday and weekend. m
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

a new season .... FALL

I love the change of seasons. It really feels like FALL around here. This AM it was 41 degrees. I do wonder why my ToDo list is getting longer and longer!! and if I don't write it down ~ I will forget it. So many projects, and tasks and this and that. My Q to all of U is this ~~~~ how do you manage your ToDo's???? paper, electronically (via phone or computer) .... I am always looking for a great way to get more organized. All the areas to keep track of! my head hurts just thinking about all of it. And if I don't write it all down, and my mind begins to wonder ..... it drives me bonkers!!! totally LEFT TURN (that means I am completely changing the subject NOW!) .......... back to WEIGHT WATCHERS!! Saturday at 7X AM. Wanna join me? I know .. it's early and it's the weekend, but this works for me. I have 20 more pounds to drop (I ain't losing it; b/c that means I'll find it again!!) I want the last of it gone for good before the holidays. Care to jump in on this with me? I started today .... I don't mind keeping track of points ... planning ~~ it's what I need. Just let me know!!! have a great week. m