Monday, September 15, 2008


are you? can you be? why not now? the answer is YES! treasure those darlin' spouses, treasure those babies, treasure those siblings, treasure those blessed girlfriends ............ the list ~ be grateful!!! Let me know who you're grateful for ....... have a great week. m
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LoRi said...

I am grateful for you girlfriend! Sorry I have been MIA!! xoxox

Jann said...

I am grateful for my dear daughter, whom my heart has never known such love before....and my great friends...whom are many. For laughter shared with my friends when I needed it the most. For the emails and phone calls out of their busy days just so I can hear their voices and be reminded that I am loved with friendships that only we women really know about. I am grateful for the love and strength of a husband not scared of anything....or anyone. Most of all I am grateful that my friends are there for me....and my daughter knows that I love her with all my heart. the grandest of my life long accomplishments....:o)
Lori.....ditto darlin...:o)