Friday, September 19, 2008

traveling bag ....... a la scrapbook style


this is my traveling bag when I go scrapbooking(alright, this is 1 of 4 bags ~ I know I'm a baglady too!). I traveled to Idaho Falls yesterday to hook up with my PIC (partner in crime) and did we ever do some damage!!! but the funny thing is this .... her darlin Mr. Sir Bentley is a thief!! twice if NOT more he got into my bag and stole my socks!!!! and he's more tiny than the bag!!! tooooooo funny!!! I left the house at 4:30AM (there actually is a 4:30AM!!) and didn't get back home till almost 10PM ~ I do NOT recommend this for anyone!! do NOT try this ..... I was/am exhausted.

1 comment:

Jann said...

The little rat has still got them....I just laundered them and he thought they needed to be played with again.
Bentley the little "stockin theif" says he is sorry...but I hardly think he means it...LOL
We appreciate you coming...and love you much...