Thursday, September 11, 2008

G I R L F R I E N D time!!

so dear ones ~ when you get with your girlfriends WHAT DO YOU DO? I've always wanted to do a card-stamping club .... you can never have enough cards you know! So, I joined this darlin club Miss Betsy is part of this goup .... and she is so endearing to me (and always will be). The "group" doesn't really have a name just a mission ~~~~> card making. As tired as I am, as busy as I am ....... I just had to do this. I will admit this, I didn't want to go .... it's at 6:30PM, after supper blah blah blah ~ Doug didn't even give me an excuse for NOT going .... so I went. God Himself showed up!! yep! let me tell you how .... one of the ladies, Alicia, happens to be moving to Lexington KY. I got so excited for her and her family. It's a great place to raise a family, southern living ..... we laughed and laughed. And you know we ate some great foods ~ oh alright, we indulged in desserts. They were so good!!! and as women .... we connected beyond the cardmaking thingy. heart-to-heart. Even us newbies. I was so glad that Anjanette (she's the Stampin' Up guru) did intro's .... and off we went. Here are the 3 cards I made .... if you get one ~ act real surprised!!!! But ...... take a closer look at card 3. It has mosquito's on it ... you read that right ~~~ M O S Q U I T O ' s ....... ick, yuck, double ick ick. I don't like them Sam I AM ~ not in the house, not on a train or a plane .... NO Sam I am I do not like mosquito's!!!! Not in the US of A or in S. Africa. I guess I was more tired than I had thought b/c I had a real hang up on this card ~~~ do you want me to send it to YOU???? Oh, about the Godpart ....... (this brought me to tears) darlin' Alicia wrote me a check to help for the teamAFRICA fundraising. She said "it blesses my heart that people take time out of their own lives to go and make a difference in the world." Wow ~ God speaks through our girlfriends. Now, if I had been selfish and a baby and NOT gone ~ I would have missed God! sweet sisters, allow God to show up and bless you!!! and BTW, I do NOT limit my GIRLFRIEND time to just one event ~ I have many things I love to do with my girlfriends all over the place!! What joy it is to think about those times. I challenge YOU to invest in some GIRLFRIEND time soon. m
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Angie said...

Go girl!!! So glad that even in our down moments God can bless us in ways we can't even comprehend!

I looked for your number to give you a call, but can't seem to find it. If you have my number can you call me?? I was in our scrapbook store yesterday and Pat passed on the message she had talked to you!

I am praying for you, girl! So glad you are so close to your fundraising goal!!!

Jann said...

Girlfriend time....ahe...that is the best!
I love my friends....and am blessed to have you as one of them dear heart.
Glad you had a fabo time with all those "card makers"....:o)
Love and miss you,