Tuesday, September 2, 2008

a new season .... FALL

I love the change of seasons. It really feels like FALL around here. This AM it was 41 degrees. I do wonder why my ToDo list is getting longer and longer!! and if I don't write it down ~ I will forget it. So many projects, and tasks and this and that. My Q to all of U is this ~~~~ how do you manage your ToDo's???? paper, electronically (via phone or computer) .... I am always looking for a great way to get more organized. All the areas to keep track of! my head hurts just thinking about all of it. And if I don't write it all down, and my mind begins to wonder ..... it drives me bonkers!!! totally LEFT TURN (that means I am completely changing the subject NOW!) .......... back to WEIGHT WATCHERS!! Saturday at 7X AM. Wanna join me? I know .. it's early and it's the weekend, but this works for me. I have 20 more pounds to drop (I ain't losing it; b/c that means I'll find it again!!) I want the last of it gone for good before the holidays. Care to jump in on this with me? I started today .... I don't mind keeping track of points ... planning ~~ it's what I need. Just let me know!!! have a great week. m

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