Thursday, February 28, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

here IT IS! This is what was inside "the luggage." It's light, sleek, fast! It's mine. Oh, I'd share it if you asked me to. I just can't wait to learn about it all. Think of all the more photos I can take, to blog and to scrapbook and to send to all of you!! Talk soon.
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luggage! we all have it!!

okay .... imagine this, last night I am very tired. We did the evening routine etc. and (just a side thought those Ziploc Zip n' Steam bags work greatly ~ if in need, you need to make supper in less than 20 minutes,) back to my main thought! All of a sudden, Darlin' D walks in with something behind his back. Me: "what's that you got?!" D: "something for you!!" Me: "me?! well then let me see it!" This piece of luggage was in the bag ... but wait, it also had one more thing .... yep, the camera to go with the piece of luggage. Okay, ladies, I have traveled with some of you and it takes a suitcase for shoes, another for make-up, another for coordinating clothes and swimsuits. I tell you, if I had to travel and this is the ONLY LUGGAGE I could take .... I'd survive. I could squeeze a toothbrush in there, a pair of undies and the camera ...... I'd be happy!! The camera, it's a canon. Of which I know nothing about. There's an operators manual which I will read, re-read and read again. And then, there's hands-on experience. Well, I know you are thinking what I was thinking. It's not my birthday, not our anniversary ... it's just a Wednesday ... it's for the 50/50 club. There's meaning behind that ... but I can't share it just quite yet. So, any of you that knows a lot or even a little about the canon ... email me, call me, ..... teach me EVERYTHING!! So, this is my newest 'piece of luggage.' What kind of luggage do you all have?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

of course, GREEN

okay, Miss Lori, here it is!! A quick preview. And to all my friends and family enjoy. What a great idea. Lori created a book for her friends ... concept is Live OUT LOUD and in color. So .... tis' me. I had a blast painting, tearing, disstressing, playing. Playing that's it .... "so, mom what did you do all day?" me "Oh, nothing at all, just playing a putsing around." just M O M stuff ....... and I know you all do mom stuff too!! hey, I'm impressing only me, moi, ye, me ~~~~> all done!!
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things are a changin'

so many changes! where to begin? I can't tell you everything b/c not everyone knows, that will be Secret No. 1. I promise to share with the world by the end of March. Speaking of March, it's only days away. I love the month of March, for several reasons. It just feels springy to me. I did purchase my primroses today .... lovely!! And things start to bud, turn green and grow. Green, my favorite color too!! And let's not forget St. Patty's Day! Yes, I celebrate .... for more than one reason. I hope you'll enjoy some Irish for the day. Between changing sheets (thanks darlin' D), changing cars, changing months, changing pocketbooks, changing and changing and changing. Actually, I think it is healthy to change things around a bit. So, go change something!! I don't know ~ your home decor, your makeup, your hair dobedobedoo, ~ let me know what you changed. I had the privilege of "creating" a page for Lori's live color book and I must have changed it 4 times. I am pleased with the end result. If I can figure out how to scan it, I'll definately post it! Have a great day! and BTW, I did change up my music list too!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

when your tired!

Amazing what can and does happen when your tired. Just last night both of us got the giggles and when my husband asked me to explain my joke ..... I couldn't. What happens when your tired? I know, grumpy and grouchy (they are famous you know!), brain fogs, even forgetfulness ... I just say we all admit we are tired and enjoy "it" more. It's Tuesday! another day, and the list is long of to-dos. So, I'm off to do mine! My Q to U is: "What are you making?" I hope a big difference.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ta-Da ... the beginning

well, I warned you all and no body, I mean no body stopped me! So, here it is. It begins. A dailyness of my life. Some days are a bit wilder than others, but then again that's life. A favorite quote of mine "Imagination is more important than knowledge." ~ Albert Einstein Imagination, let it run, let it guide you to whatever. Today, it lead me to the blues, as in music. All day, I listened to the blues. I laughed, thought and listened .... just something different. What will you do differently from the same ol' same ol'. Let me know. And thank good for friends. What I could say about friends!! Thanks to Lori and her expertise (and a free monday night!) ... this is reality. Or should that be real i tea??? Speaking of tea, let's have some? green or white? Hope you all have a wonderful evening.