Wednesday, February 27, 2008

things are a changin'

so many changes! where to begin? I can't tell you everything b/c not everyone knows, that will be Secret No. 1. I promise to share with the world by the end of March. Speaking of March, it's only days away. I love the month of March, for several reasons. It just feels springy to me. I did purchase my primroses today .... lovely!! And things start to bud, turn green and grow. Green, my favorite color too!! And let's not forget St. Patty's Day! Yes, I celebrate .... for more than one reason. I hope you'll enjoy some Irish for the day. Between changing sheets (thanks darlin' D), changing cars, changing months, changing pocketbooks, changing and changing and changing. Actually, I think it is healthy to change things around a bit. So, go change something!! I don't know ~ your home decor, your makeup, your hair dobedobedoo, ~ let me know what you changed. I had the privilege of "creating" a page for Lori's live color book and I must have changed it 4 times. I am pleased with the end result. If I can figure out how to scan it, I'll definately post it! Have a great day! and BTW, I did change up my music list too!!

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Jann said...

I am soooo excited for your blog...glad Lori got you on the old band wagon my dear! Yeah to you both! said...go and change something that mean I can like start packing?....LOL...
I am so glad to know that you are among us "bloggers" go darlink...and are SO RIGHT....I always had a smile and a google from Michelle at are one in a million darlin.
Hugs from the frozen tundra...LOL
Jann (Brin's Mom)