Tuesday, February 26, 2008

when your tired!

Amazing what can and does happen when your tired. Just last night both of us got the giggles and when my husband asked me to explain my joke ..... I couldn't. What happens when your tired? I know, grumpy and grouchy (they are famous you know!), brain fogs, even forgetfulness ... I just say we all admit we are tired and enjoy "it" more. It's Tuesday! another day, and the list is long of to-dos. So, I'm off to do mine! My Q to U is: "What are you making?" I hope a big difference.


A said...

Sweet! Michelle you are just always up to something. At least now I have a blog worth going to. No more usless celebrity junk for me. :)


LoRi said...

I'm digging your music!

BB said...

Great blog, M! Just like sipping tea with you at McAllister's!