Thursday, February 28, 2008

luggage! we all have it!!

okay .... imagine this, last night I am very tired. We did the evening routine etc. and (just a side thought those Ziploc Zip n' Steam bags work greatly ~ if in need, you need to make supper in less than 20 minutes,) back to my main thought! All of a sudden, Darlin' D walks in with something behind his back. Me: "what's that you got?!" D: "something for you!!" Me: "me?! well then let me see it!" This piece of luggage was in the bag ... but wait, it also had one more thing .... yep, the camera to go with the piece of luggage. Okay, ladies, I have traveled with some of you and it takes a suitcase for shoes, another for make-up, another for coordinating clothes and swimsuits. I tell you, if I had to travel and this is the ONLY LUGGAGE I could take .... I'd survive. I could squeeze a toothbrush in there, a pair of undies and the camera ...... I'd be happy!! The camera, it's a canon. Of which I know nothing about. There's an operators manual which I will read, re-read and read again. And then, there's hands-on experience. Well, I know you are thinking what I was thinking. It's not my birthday, not our anniversary ... it's just a Wednesday ... it's for the 50/50 club. There's meaning behind that ... but I can't share it just quite yet. So, any of you that knows a lot or even a little about the canon ... email me, call me, ..... teach me EVERYTHING!! So, this is my newest 'piece of luggage.' What kind of luggage do you all have?

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