Wednesday, February 27, 2008

of course, GREEN

okay, Miss Lori, here it is!! A quick preview. And to all my friends and family enjoy. What a great idea. Lori created a book for her friends ... concept is Live OUT LOUD and in color. So .... tis' me. I had a blast painting, tearing, disstressing, playing. Playing that's it .... "so, mom what did you do all day?" me "Oh, nothing at all, just playing a putsing around." just M O M stuff ....... and I know you all do mom stuff too!! hey, I'm impressing only me, moi, ye, me ~~~~> all done!!
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Kim Ross said...

Wow, Michelle, how cool you have a BLOG! LOVE IT! And of course your page would be green. :)

Hope you're doing great and can't wait to hear your news.

LoRi said...

Beautiful, Michelle. Can't wait to see it for real! See you tomorrow!