Friday, July 30, 2010

R O U T E S ...

Either way you say it .... Highways .... they run North & South, even East and West. Some of my most memorable moments were on HWYs. I've lived on both Route 66 (great eateries!!) and now on Highway 99 (lots of truckers and farmland!!). What about you? Look at any map (yes! a paper map ~ forget the GPS thingys!) ... and there they are ~~~ something incredible. Have a great weekend! I'm checking off another 'bucket list' item tomorrow. So ..... I'll tell ya about it on Monday! toodles, m
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

BUCKET lists .....

Do you have one?  have you thought about one?  Well I have ... and I'm not sure 'where' or 'how' I want to keep my list.  KWIM??? Anywho, I've done several items on my list just recently ... and I get to check another off the list on Saturday!! I've always ALwayS ALWAYS wanted to meet a certain artist ... and he will be in the area on Saturday!! I'll definately snap some shots and post later!! So, back to my original Q of all of U = do you have a bucket list?  If not ~~ why not?  Why not grab a cup of (good) coffee and think about it?!! Let me know one thing on your list and I'll tell you about mine!!!  xoxo, m

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

full MOON .... not shoot the moon!!

did you catch the moon last night?!! Wow!! I know Who hung the moon, sun & stars ... and still I am at awe and amazed!! There must be a 'trick' in photographing the moon ... and I don't know it!! but I did enjoy the moon ~ how 'bout you????
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Friday, July 23, 2010

my mother's bday .... July 24th

Happy Birthday .... 70 years old ... what a wonderful day the Lord made to CELEBRATE you. Obviously, these are photos of my mother as a young girl. I just wanted to share with the blog world ... Paula Kaye (Campbell) Ray. Happy Day to you dear mom! I can now tell everyone what I did for her special day .... first I sent out an SOS email and all my beloved girlfriends sent her a birthday card ~ this was such a tremendous blessing ... she got to hear from women that have known me, do know me and are doing life with me! Yay God!!! it's been a hoot to hear her tell me whom she's heard from .. and BTW, my brother participated in this gig too!! And today, they had reservations at Lavendou Bistro in Dallas and darlin' D and I paid for their lunch. Unbeknownst to my dad ~ I had the most elegant rose bouquet delivered to their table. Thank you Shamrock Florists (Jane), Mesquite TX!!  and day to celebrate an enjoy!!      xoxo, m

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

how does your garden grow???

with curly q's, squigglies and cucs and corn! okay ... now I'm gettin' a little silly with the garden. The tomatoes are the superstars and lately I noticed one ear of corn (I guess I have to share it!) and I am preplexed by the vines from the cucs!! Oh ... and two cucs were hiding under the foliage!!
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Monday, July 12, 2010

SEEDS from Lesotho, South Africa

Whilst on my trip I bought some souveniers (sp?) ... at the grocery store (can't remember what it's called in Lesotho!) ... I really enjoy buying things at the local grocery store ~ I had a LOT ... too much fun shopping! I also bought CANDY, seeds, canned jam, a re-useable tote bag for groceries, notebooks and pink shoes for Nancy B (wonderin' if she still has those??) Well,  I didn't plant them last summer b/c of our move ... but I DID PLANT them this summer. They are called Portulaca Vygie's .. and I love these flowers. The close up at night and open up during the day (there is a technical gardening term for this however, I DO NOT know it). This flowerpot reminds me to PRAY for the children in Lesotho, the MAF missionaries and dear friends working hard to make a difference for Christ. They are beauties!! What reminds you to pray?
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Cakebread Cellars

Cakebread Cellars ... darlin' D has ALWAYS enjoyed Cakebread. I thought it was a madeup name but NO! Actual name of the owners. What a vineyard ... What a place ... excellent vino too!! Doug 'came' alive walking around .. explaining to Stan about Dancing Bear Cakebread wine ... a GREAT day had by all! Incredibly beautiful location ... but then again ALL the vineyards are beautiful!!

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

CIA in Greystone ... Napa Valley

well this was on my 'bucket list' to eat and visit this Culinary Institute of America. It was awesome! Fascinating! Educational! Beautiful! far exceeded my expectations! Loved it!! and will go back. Lots of fun also!!

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Le Jardin' ....

Simple pleasures ... my garden grows! This is my garden on the side of the house. So, from planting, waiting, watering, waiting, growing, waiting, patience ... ta - da! Look what I harvested ~ FIRST TOMATO ~ of which I shared with darlin' D! Looks like more to come.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday .. July 4th

okay .. I've been in Visalia for an entire year! can you believe it? well .... I was asking the Lord "what do you want me to do?" still haven't got THE ANSWER .. and in confessing, I was whining to the Lord that I so needed a  jolt .. what I was 'used to' in worship ~~~ well ...... Carlos Whittaker ( showed up and lead worship ... I thought I was in heaven ~ as in 'on earth as in heaven!'  Totally God ... God of second chances!! "You're the God of second chances/ Your'e the God who still romances/ We're in awe before you now/ and our hearts are bowing down/ You're the God of all the ages/ who are we that You would save us .... " I do have photos ..but the 'puter is acting up blah blah blah .. so I'll update with pics later.  God bless!! m  oh and BTW, it's worth purchasing his CD .. the music will encourage, bless and motivate you!