Monday, July 12, 2010

SEEDS from Lesotho, South Africa

Whilst on my trip I bought some souveniers (sp?) ... at the grocery store (can't remember what it's called in Lesotho!) ... I really enjoy buying things at the local grocery store ~ I had a LOT ... too much fun shopping! I also bought CANDY, seeds, canned jam, a re-useable tote bag for groceries, notebooks and pink shoes for Nancy B (wonderin' if she still has those??) Well,  I didn't plant them last summer b/c of our move ... but I DID PLANT them this summer. They are called Portulaca Vygie's .. and I love these flowers. The close up at night and open up during the day (there is a technical gardening term for this however, I DO NOT know it). This flowerpot reminds me to PRAY for the children in Lesotho, the MAF missionaries and dear friends working hard to make a difference for Christ. They are beauties!! What reminds you to pray?
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