Monday, March 17, 2008

Bear O' mine meet Bear Divine .. just for me!!

This darlin' handsome hunk of a young man ... is my beloved baby!! He loves to par-tay just as much as me!! His momma raised him right you know!! as soon as he got home from work, (he had to dress in the attire you know!) he surprised me with T H I S!! Lucky O' Reader tis' her name and it's mine .. all mine!! Check out the nose .. the three leaf shamrock! and the boxers .. wait, that would mean tis' bear O' mine be a he .... oh heck, I love it all the more ~ just another male in my life!! Gotta love the hat right? Jester O' Paul .... physically and literally too.

The par-tay has just begun .... all day long and all night too! come join us ~ if you want!! guaranteed many laughs! Happy O' Day to you all. May the great luck o' the Irish be a dublin' to you all!!
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Doesn't this "one of yours" want to meet "the one of mine"....LOL