Friday, March 28, 2008


LUNCH TIME! okay, let me explain. I loooooooooooooove to do local fieldtrips. And one O' my absolute favorites is going to the Co-op downtown. I usually putts around .... read some labels, try on some hand cremes .... oh, and the friendly produce people will sample an apple or whatever. So, today the sky was blue the clouds looked like marshmellows ~ but, (you knew that was comin') the storm was brewing. The forecasters said the "S" word ... and it's also a 4-letter word too .... S N O W. So, I went early. In the deli, they had "crackin' califlower" ... sounded good to me ... so, I splurged! all of $1.93. Couldn't wait to get it home, filled my cutesy polka-dot plate with greens (spring ones of course!) and added my version of tuna = purple onion, dill pickle, red & yellow peppers and greek seasoning. Okay, I know it's only food .... but this was filling, delicious and enjoyable. Call me and we'll do lunch .... if not a few fieldtrips too.

~ m
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Kim Ross said...

Love the Co-Op! My favorite thing there is the chicken salad sandwich on ciabatta -- when I get a craving, I go nuts until I stop there. (And I'm not even a "chicken salad" person... but it rocks!)