Friday, September 10, 2010

Ribbon Schmiggon ... ORGANIZED!!

RIBBONS ... gotta love these! And I have literally tried many (many!!) ways of storage and organization. This is the best by far. Let me explain it to YOU (this is for you dear IE) ... the storage box ~ simple art locking bucket. I say locking b/c I tend to toss, as in throw, things into my car, office etc.

Now open, the box ~~ it looks like smidge podge messy mess! But wait ..... NO!!!

All the ribbons are color organized (ROY G BIV) and are clamped onto a 2 inch "O" ring. This is so working. Because when you are in the middle of a project ~ you grab the BLUE ring and you can toss (see?!) it onto the page and see what works. And, I tend to fold into 12 inch segments b/c then I know how much I have of any ribbon. I do have an "O" ring for ribbons 'WITH WORDS'. I gave you a close-up of the "O" PURPLE ring. So .. what do you think? And I must add ...this travels very well!!! So, NOW what do you think??? And ... you can find clamps at the Dollar Store and the "O" rings at Staples and/or Office Depot ... but I did find some decorative ones at (yes!) the Dollar Store. Try it ... and let me know what YOU think!! Happy Scrapping and Cropping!! m

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Lisa said...

GOOD JOB! Loved the reason for the lock box which I'm going to remember for my own organizations projects!

Lisa said...

Hi Michelle, I saw your comment. I'm leaving tomorrow 9/17 for 10 days. It's "the" only time G can take vacation time since his schedule is tight. Let's plan to do something when I get back!

HOME GOODS is really great. All my sisters in laws & friends LOVE that store. Personally, I've never found anything for myself, but then again...I'm not much of a decorator. I do like clocks though, especially with roman numerals. Talk to you soon!