Thursday, September 2, 2010

the HEAT cometh ....

In anticipating the really hot hot HOT weather ... I've decided to seclude myself in my 'studio' ~ aka Wildwood room ~~ the place I create!! I actually need a NAME FOR MY ROOM. Anywho ... today I've pulled out it all ... everything ... I LoVe loVE LOve LOVE to  play with photos and I got about 300+ to play with.  Wanna join me ~ everyone welcomed!! have a cool kinda of a day ~ m

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Lisa said...

Why don't you just call it "YOUR ROOM." LOL

There's nothing like seeing all the memories in those photos. I would love to get one of those scanner things that shoot them through & then you can go in & organize them somehow. If I knew what I was talking about I would explain better, but I've HEARD there are great things out there to do cool things with our myriad of photos.

Hope you had a great day in YOUR ROOM. : D