Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I know how to get folks to church ....

okay, last night I attended church service the most beautiful Hawai'in women and hunkiest (YES! ladies that is a word) gorgeous piped-maui built young men hula (ed) to worship songs that you and I love to sing ...... I was speechless .... and better yet, I got photos!!! I'll post them when I get home .. the Hawai'ian colors the incredible native "costume" ..... wow!!! now, if that doesn't intrigue you all ........ so, I vote we get the group-troup to tour the USA and I assure you most positively THAT CHURCH ATTENDANCE WILL SKYROCKET. Aloha, m' ..... sorry I had forgot about that until I was reviewing my photos (almost 500 totality!!)

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