Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bucket List !!

Doug and I saw this movie at the theatre and LOVED IT! Actually, we thought about going to see it twice .... some real one liners to ponder ... we laughed, cried ... just really enjoyed it. Not to mention the concept. What would you love to do ~ if $$$$ were NOT an issue before you kicked the bucket. I really wanna hear your list! A few of mine: travel to Jerusalem, Niagra Falls, see Wimbledon, write an article and maybe a book ........ what's on your list?????? This enquiring mind wants to know. Oh, and the reason for this post is that is went on sale today .... and YES! I did go buy it! You can borrow it ~~~ if you'd like.


LoRi said...

Hey there. I miss ya already!! Hope you are enjoying the island. It is cold and rainy and windy and yucky here. Send some sunshine, doll. Love you!

Jann said...

YES Mishie! SEND US SOME RAYS baby....we be fra-ree-zin over here...LOL even Bentley is shaking.....and his tootsie are frigid!
Have fun hon...enjoy that sand between your toes!
Love and smiles from the miles,