Monday, June 16, 2008

MONDAY musings from Maui

Hey you all .... I know it's mid-day in Boise but it's AM here so I just wanted to muse about Maui. I'm heading to Lahina today to shop around. They have the bestest cookwees here on the island .... macadamia nut flavored! Today was a big hit treasure wise! Doug and I found a bundle of sea treasures along our walk. I usually find a place in my yard to display such treasures .... come by in July for a cold one and I'll show you! I do have a PRAYER REQUEST ~~~~ my grandmothers only surviving brother, PHIL has a darlin' soulmate named LOUISE .... she is in ICU (I don't have a lot of details) she is a cancer survivor and has fought this battle for over 20 years .... she doesn't have any living relatives but PHIL..... I'd ask you to ask God for His Ways and His Will. Both of them, Phil & Louise, are in their 80's .... they love each other so ..... and I can't imagine what they are going through now. If you happen to think of them .... just talk to God about them ~~~ thanks. Aloha, m'

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