Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Ponderings .... still in MAUI

the beginning of a new week ... Doug is home and back in the saddle with work (he really truly does NOT like horseback riding!) ... and I've decided I have a spa-like retreat right here in Maui. Let me explain specifically .... my AM walks exfoliate and pumice stone my feet with the brown-sugared colored sand. I leisurely sunbathe - exfoliating dead skin cells and swim for exercise ... heaven knows I need that in my life ... God speaks (for those of you that have received what I've passed along ~ I hope I'm not a bother) .... then socializing with folks from all over the world! what a journey ... what lessons I've received .... what a blessing! I'm anticipating going to get shave ice tomorrow ~~~~~~~~~~ canteloupe ~~~~~~~~~ is my faveO'rite!! Aloha, m'

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