Sunday, June 15, 2008

Insights & Life Lessons

It's 3PM here on Maui ..... Doug and I just got back from spending Father's Day with Dave & Jean. We had a lovely lunch at the residence hall. I could NOT be with my dad, so we were blessed to spend some of the day with Dave. Amazingly, I don't believe we "live" by accident but by the very design of God. I had the "privilege" to observe some 'heavy' life insights. An elderly couple sat nose-to-nose dining .... what love. Another elderly couple, struggled with what to do after one goes home to be with the Lord .... just Friday night, he passed away .... and she decided to pack up his clothing and donate them to ones here on the island. I held back my sorrow and tears ... and just allowed God to give me more insights and 'life lessons.' Friends that hadn't seen Jean in awhile were so happy to greet and see her out and about! ~~ such friendship! So, INSIGHTS & LIFE LESSONS ...... grasp ~ grab ~ learn from them ..... and what joy it is to do life with all of you. Aloha, m'

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