Thursday, June 12, 2008

no shells ...... just sounds!!

My AM routine is get up throw my bathing suit on ..... grab a water bottle, flipflops and head to the beach. I walk and talk!! TODAY however, was rather fascinating .... no shells, rocks, corral or nothing ..... just the rhythmic sounds of the ocean. WOW .. now you all know that not much ever leaves me speechless ~ well, TODAY ~~~~ speechless. How cool is that? Incredible .... then I walk back to the condo make breakfast, eat outside on the Lanai with my coffee and Bible (I'm wonderin' if this isn't God's zipcode!) and just be .... hope that you all have time to be human BEings and slow down enough and not be human DOings (and YES, I am just as guilty as the next of this too!) Aloha ~~~` m

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