Friday, September 4, 2009

contemplating (pondering) MY BABY ~ paul

okay, this is from the heart .... my mother's heart! It's the Labor Day weekend (darlin' D has to work) and I'm hear in my new locale ... been here 2 months already! I'm missing going to coffee, I'm missing my back patio and firepit, I'm missing my church, my girlfriends and my BOYS!! Specifically, the baby ~ Yo Pauly, aka Smiley and current DJ Butters (on the radio in Boise!)this darlin' child turns 21 years old on 09-09-09. No I didn't plan that!! and this will be his first birthday without his momma. Know what I'm talkin' about ... I love love love love to celebrate birthdays. My familys, my friends, ... birthdays are special. SO ANY MOMMA OUT THERE IN THE BOISE/MERIDIAN area that knows my darlin' baby .... give him hugs for me!! lots of them ... 21 of them!! I'm sad .. yet, I can sense God is doing His thing in this child .. and I anticipate a glory story! So, beloved Happy Birthday early!! loving you, your mom
I decided my blog is more of an open journal, as that 5 people read this blog .. I just don't have the creative mojo flowing and I am using it to post my pics of my life!! thank you EVERYONE that does read this and for your encouragement (it is GREATLY appreciated more than words can express.)!! I promise to post a photo of this darlin' child on his day!!


natalie said...

Oh, I sooooo feel where you are coming from! Maybe you need to fly out to Boise to wish your baby a happy birthday! (I'm going to be 43 and I still miss having my mom close by on my birthday!!!).

Hope your mojo returns...have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Thinking of you...

Jann said...

Well darlink think of it this-a-way.
You did soooooo much for all the ones before this one...and I know this one is the ONE!!! but you've been a great mom and a great birthday take a breath...ease your mind...and know he feels your love and care across all those miles darlink.....:o)