Monday, September 28, 2009

NEIGHBORS ... such a God story

I just have to share this ... b/c it's such a God story!! Doug hasn't been feeling so well, so we decided to go over to the new house ... to dedicate it before drywalling etc. We had the verses, markers in hand etc. It was HOT and we put down the verses and prayed throughout the house. Well the neighbor to the left of us was over there and we decided to say "hi". His name is Bill. Got to talking .. and he's an onion broker from Parma IDAHO (doug's prior job!) oh they laughed and I got God-bumps (KWIM?!!) Their children are grown ~ like ours ... and then Doug asked what brought you to CA .. he said in the 70's I was in Boston at Northeast (what?!! we were in Boston too!) Oh, thank you Lord for our neighbors ... and the journey continues!!
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