Thursday, September 24, 2009

DMV ... california style!

okay, I psyched myself up about doing this ... registering both vehicles .. prayed about it and decided TODAY was the day. Grab a caramel misto Grande for the journey .. knowing I'd need to be wide awake ... and standing before me in line were 3 not 2 CHP's. So, I asked them "do I need a CA drivers license to register my vehicles?" They didn't know and asked me if I were going to the DMV? I think they thought I looked confident of this task ... so I responded "absolutely, I plan to be there when they open at 8AM." At which, they smiled/laughed and wished me GOOD LUCK. Hmmm, I thought to myself ... they knoweth something I don'teth! So, .. I paid my bill and off I drove. I was 3rd in line but 4 people cut in line! Don't they know common courtesies? Well, in I went to Window 11 and the most helpful CA Gov't worker assisted me!! Thank you JR!! (and I hope your eye heals quickly, he said to me he was typing slower today b/c he injured his eye over the weekend ~ poor guy!) He then allowed me to begin processing the 2nd vehicle and told me once the SMOG test were completed; I did NOT have to wait in line .. but just come up to his window!! yea yea says me. So I did and did and got both cars registered. Hooray! Over the weekend I'll read the CA driving manual and then go back to the DMV and take the written test for CA. Oh the thought of yet another DL photo. I think those cameras are defective! So ... until next week ~~ the DMV of California!!

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