Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Toto, we ain't in Kansas anymore .....

70 years old .. and TODAY you could see it in HDTV at the theatre. I unfortunately missed it ... darnitall! I loved Glenda ... the first time I ever saw this (I'll confess) it scared me to bits!! you gotta watch this .... tell me about "The wizard of oz" and your thoughts about it. Make sure you turn off the volume of my blog and listen to the video .... Let's go to the movies!!!

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Jann said...

LOLOLOLOL....I LOVE the video! HOLY MOLY!!!!
Hey I have been accused many times of looking like....not her!...GLENDA!...I think I have heard that comment for nearly 45 years or so....go figure.
We are home...:o( No ocean to look at, not shells to collect. But good to be back in "our" space. But we gotta get out of here dear. We loathe this place!
Talk to you soon.