Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Scaredy CAT!! Miss Priss

Meet Miss Priss! Grandie technically "owns" the dog. But she is loved and cared for all three of the Rays! Mimi is her primary care taker ~ doctor, feeding, conversing with etc. and Papa is the rough-houser! and Alpha dogs run together you know. With Papa being away, Doug decided to reminisce with Miss Priss and give her a run for her money! I entitled her Scaredy CAT ... why? b/c she is scared of most things ~ cats, thunderstorms, my camera even! She's not a small dog and often she thinks she is a lap dog ~ NOT!! Here is her hiding from me!
and sequentially her hiding from me some more. Does she think she can outwit moi? NOT!! So, there ya go .... from the bottom of the totem pole ..... Miss Priss.
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