Monday, April 21, 2008

Magnificent & Marvelous MONDAYS!!

Oh Monday ... oh monday. I've decided to do a thankful Monday. Little things to the big things. My "to-do's" seem rather long on Mondays, so my diversion tactic is to divided and conquer! (General Patton would be proud!) ... never ever back track (due to gas prices!) and breathe deeply ~ do that with me ~ ready ? 1 2 3 b r e a t h e ... hold it .... exhale quietly. (BTW, I do this with my 3rd and 5th graders!) It just feels good. Please let me know what you are thankful for on this MAGNIFICENT & MARVELOUS MONDAY.

Here's my list: 1. discovered a new high fiber bagel (yummy for my tummy!) 2. youngest son ... decided to have a normal conversation with me and he did assist in diagonising my problem with my cellphone 3. we had flurries ~ as in snow! 4. I'm traveling with my DH and I get to play!

ta ta ~~ m

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