Friday, April 11, 2008

All in a day's drive ...

hey girlie girls .. I've taken a road trip with darlin' hubby. He had to work .... but, WHAT a girl (such as me!) can do with a map, my purse and a sense to explore. Okay, we didn't leave the gem state of Idaho ~ but we drove waaaaay to the other side. It's rather colder here than in Boise! But I've had fun with my camera, AND met some great owners of scrapbooking stores. (I'll post pics laters) ... and just enjoying being "away" for a bit. So, I just wanted to say hi to you all ... and have a great weekend. I saw this quote and it so spoke to me "Enjoy what you have ... while you are working towards what you want!" Let that soak into your heart. see ya soon.

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