Saturday, April 12, 2008

Idaho Falls, ID

This is a magnificent scrapbooking boutique! I highly recommend that you visit and stop by. Kim is the new owner and she is a delight. She offers cropclubs, EXPOS and kits. Absolutely FUN!!
This is Le Ann. She works at Express the Moment. I cropped all day on Friday and we got to chat! Just a delightful person. I can't wait to go back. Maybe the ladies that live there and I can hook up soon! Of course, I visited Roberts and Porters and my checkbook reflects such visits!! I got some goodies. And I can't wait to play with all my stuff.
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Jann said...

So darn bummed I wasn't here to see you. We'll have to hook up when you come over again. Did you not go to "I Scrap?"....Tina is really fun.....Porters is good as well.....:o) The one is Rexburg..."Porter's" is a VERY good place....MUCH bigger and much fuller with product than this one here is....:o) Maybe next time we can go there'll like it.
Hugs from the windy miles....