Tuesday, April 15, 2008

fantasyland .... and beyond!!

It's true ..... I am dysFUNctional and frustrated! Between busyness, viruses (that I have no control over), and many frustrations ~ they engulf me. I wish I had oceanfront property .... cause there I'd be. And, if you wanted to come visit you'd never need an invite! just come on over! And, believe it or NOT! it's only Tuesday. I must be gettin' older .... hhhmmm, to solve my issues: 1. run away (oh where oh where) 2. scream & yell (nobody listens anyway) 3. begin drinking heavily (I gave up soda in March) ... not sure what to do but I'll come with something. In the meantime, have a great day ... and I sure hope my days go better! because one cannot (is allowed to) have 2 bad days in a row ~ it's a rule written somewhere.

ta ta .... m
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