Tuesday, April 29, 2008

realization ... some O' my favorites!

okay ... I got to thinking whilst on vacation! what are some O' my favorites? while traveling ... I love being served ... anything ~ cup of coffee, glass of water even, bread! Then, I decided to really narrow my list down ... and being real ~ here's my small list:
1. washing my hair .... using those little samples of shampoo! 2. a good ... I mean really good shower 3. iced coffee 4. reading magazines (these can be ancient issues or the current one!)

So .............. what are some of your favorites as you travel? please respond ... I'm beginning to think I'm blogging to myself. Even if I am, I am having fun!!

1 comment:

LoRi said...

Do you mean favorites while travelling or favorites in general? My favorites while travelling are:
no cooking
no cleaning
seeing far away friends!