Friday, April 18, 2008

Scaler, explorers & protective gear! THE DENTIST

Alrighty now ... have you ever sat and listened to all the terminology at the dentist? It's scary ... and of course, you don't comment b/c you have 3 tools and 2 pairs of hands inside your mouth! (my mouth is physically small - no jokes please!) Then, the noises .... it's enough to make this strong woman faint ~ the clu-clunchs, buzzing, crackling etc. you know what I mean. Then comes the colorful ~ pink/purple/and now lime green (which happen to be some O' my favs!) ... GOOPEY GOP stuff! They say "bite down, especially on the back teeth" ... you nod b/c your mouth is full of GOOPEY GOP. Then it happens E V E R Y single time ~ the drool. Now, most women will not admit this ~ however, I hold no truth back ~ YOU CANNOT DO THIS LADYLIKE. Even when you try to dab it off .... it comes profusely more! All of this to say, I have been to the dentist 2X in the last 2 weeks .... and I ain't done yet!!! I know they enjoy when I come to visit .... I try to make them laugh at the most in-opportune times .... wait, that could be hazardous to my health. Anywho, the great Dr. Malan and his great cute staff are located in Eagle, Idaho ... 6085 N. Eagle Road (across the street from the Target). Tell them I sent you, they know me very well there!!!!

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