Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rodeo Drive

did the Rodeo Drive with the corporate wives. Such fun! Rodeo drive is an icon. The shopping, the people, the stores, the scenery .... tons of eye candy!! sights to see .... had my make up done ~ we decided to do the "Pretty Woman" thing (you know we all are pretty women and daughters of the King!) at the Willshire Hotel and I sipped (ever so elegantly) a cosmopolitian. Then we walked some more ... incredible. Did I mention the gorgeously natural beauty in all the blossoming flowers? breath-taking. Had to do the cellphone thingy ... those of you got calls, should feel honored!! (gggggggg) Anywho, I can't post from my laptop photos but upon my return ... I will have a ton!! tomorrow onto Big D ~ Dallas to visit my family!!

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