Thursday, May 29, 2008

YARDWORK!! my joy

Tis' true ...... I am devoted and so enjoy yardwork. Now, if the rain would just stop a bit. Some things are already blooming. (yea!!) And my colors this year are deep purple and orange. I love it! A bit of whimsical in the yard too. Still looking for an old typewriter (any of you out there that can help me ... let me know!). And, it's something Doug and I can do together. He's created an Anniversary Garden for me. That's right 25 roses for each year of being married. Come by and visit .. we'll stroll through the yard or even have a cup of tea ~ or even, how 'bout some S'mores too! Maybe I should have titled this "an invitation to you ALL!" have a great day.

~ m
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